The family of a dad who was murdered in Greenwich said they hope his “remorseless” killer “rots in prison”. 

Robbie Munoz was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 22 years after he stabbed dad-of-two Reece Williams to death with a 30cm hunting knife near the Cutty Sark. 

Reece, a 29-year-old from Greenwich, had an incredible relationship with his two young children and was also a role model for his young nieces and nephews, his family said. 

“He was a caring person, he had lots of respect for people and knew that manners were free,” Reece’s mum said. 

Of 22-year-old Munoz, Reece’s mum said: “I hope he rots in prison and suffers every day. He’s a jumped-up little prick.” 

Munoz, who refers to himself as Taser or Taze, was a habitual knife carrier and had previously struck a care home worker with a samurai sword which he kept under his bed after they asked him to turn his music down. 

“That person is a prolific knife user and I don’t know how he was allowed to walk the streets. He is a danger and a menace to society,” she said. 

News Shopper: Robbie Munoz, 22, claimed he was acting in self-defence but a jury rejected his claimsRobbie Munoz, 22, claimed he was acting in self-defence but a jury rejected his claims (Image: Metropolitan Police)

Reece left The Gate Clock pub in the early hours of July 30, 2021,but on his way home he stopped to talk with a group of people who were sitting on benches by the river near Welland Street. 

Reece knew most of the group but he did not know Munoz, who was there with a girl inhaling balloons full of nitrous oxide and drinking together. 

Prosecutor Lisa Wilding told the jury: “Munoz and the girl he was with were not particularly welcome. Some present at the bench found them irritating. 

“Mr Williams was known to have a temper, especially when he was drinking. He spoke to Munoz and the way the defendant was behaving wound him up.”   

After becoming annoyed by his behaviour, Reece punched and kicked Munoz who didn’t fight back. 

“As quickly as it started, it ended and Mr Williams walked away. Matters could have and should have ended there,” Ms Wilding said. 

“However rather than leaving matters there or indeed leaving altogether, Munoz went to his backpack and he took out a large hunting knife and removed it from its sheath."   

Munoz chased defenceless Reece while repeatedly swinging the blade, inflicting multiple wounds including a slash to his thigh which would prove fatal. 

The attack would have continued if one of Reece’s friends hadn’t bravely intervened. He wrestled the knife away from Munoz and stabbed him in the backside. 

Munoz then ran off and was later found by police, before being taken to hospital and arrested. 

Reece collapsed in a playground close to where his daughter and former partner live. He died in hospital just hours later. 

Munoz argued that he acted in self-defence, but the jury rejected this argument. 

Ms Wilding argued instead that the attack was motivated by anger, revenge and embarrassment. 

Reece’s mum said Munoz showed no remorse and had tried to cast shade over Reece’s character during the trial.

She said: "I taught my children not to be bullies but also not to be bullied. He always looked out for us, he was the rock of the family."

Reece’s sisters told the court: “He would literally help everyone before himself. He is loved and sorely missed.” 

Describing Reece’s passion for music, his dad said: “I will never again have those calls from him in the middle of the night, excited to share something creative. I will miss them, I do already.” 

News Shopper: Dad-of-two Reece Williams died a week before his 30th birthdayDad-of-two Reece Williams died a week before his 30th birthday (Image: Metropolitan Police)

Reece’s partner told the court how she last saw him on his lunch break earlier that day. 

They booked a camping holiday then he kissed her and their infant son goodbye. 

“Later while Police Liaison Officers sat in our house our baby crawled for the first time, Reece missing it by hours. One of the many baby milestones that have now happened without him,” she said. 

Munoz, of Belmont Road in Wallington, pleaded guilty to possession of a knife then on April 18 a jury found him guilty of murder with a unanimous verdict. 

The jury heard that hours before killing Reece, Munoz had been involved in a confrontation in Worthing after a car nearly knocked him off his e-scooter. 

On that occasion he also pulled the large hunting knife out of his bag and used it to threaten the driver, the court heard. 

Munoz had purchased the knife online and said he used it to look scary, the court heard. 

In mitigation, Munoz said he matured during his time in prison and now shows remorse for killing Reece. 

Munoz, who was 20 at the time of the murder, had been in the care system since he was 14. 

Munoz appeared before Judge Hales at Woolwich Crown Court on Thursday, June 1. 

Judge Hales sentenced him to life in prison with a minimum term of 22 years for murder, and 16 months in prison for possession of a knife. 

She told Munoz: “It is important to emphasise that the minimum term is just that, a minimum term that must be served before you are considered for release.” 

After that time a parole board will be permitted to consider his release.

If he is released he will be subject to licence for the rest of his life.