Penge and Crystal Palace will play host to a major London architecture festival in June, when it comes to the area for the first time.

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA), an annual series of events celebrating architecture and city-making, has taken place in central London since it started in 2004.

However this year the LFA took the decision to hold a number of events in what it’s calling “Penge and Palace” in recognition of the historic, architectural and cultural significance of the area.

As the LFA website says: “Its kaleidoscope identity reflects just how London operates best; when people and places come together, recognising their common ground and differences to build sustainable, inclusive communities.”

This year’s festival, which begins on June 1, has the theme of “In Common”.

It will see events taking place in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations around Crystal Palace and Penge.

These include a number of themed walks and trails, including tours of the Crystal Palace subway, a Penge architecture tour, and walks around Penge Common.

There is also a range of talks and debates on history, regeneration, environment and community, and the opportunity to get creative through practical workshops on drawing, printmaking and writing.

The LFA website says: “The festival will focus on highlighting the abundance of greenspace while creating a route for people to explore further outside the Park and into the highstreets, discovering the creative communities, new projects and local histories which continue to define the area.”

LFA 2023 events are also taking place in Barnet, Brixton, City of London, Clerkenwell, Royal Docks and Westminster.