A 180-year-old pub in Bexleyheath hosts unique events such cinema sessions on the roof terrace that you can watch whilst tucking into a stunning Sunday roast.

Pete Marshall, the owner of The Kings Arms in Bexleyheath, and his team have been operating the pub for five years and but the pub itself is 180-years-old this year.

The Kings Arms pub suffered damage to the front of the building after it was hit by a Bentley earlier in the year, just before 2.40am on January 29.

The venue has since been going through repairs to its exterior, but Pete explained that their customers have been loyal throughout and the place has still been as bustling as ever.

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Pete told the News Shopper: “We're having a joint birthday celebration with five years of operators and 180 years on next Thursday (May 18).

“We’ve also had a bit of a facelift all of the and redecorated and done all the signage again on the front of the building.

“So it'll be almost like a grand reopening in time for our birthday party, and we'll celebrate everything the way we do – everyone is welcome and of course we have plenty of live music.

“We aren’t just serving food and drinks – we are serving atmosphere.”

Pete explained that The Kings Arms had featured three times in Great British Pub World Finals and also recently won “love your local business”.

He said that he believes customers repeatedly return to the pub for their stunning food and cocktails – with the menu rotating each season while still keeping the fan favourites all year round.

Another thing that drives customers is their events which include the Wednesday quiz and live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Pete explained that this “is just the tip of the iceberg” as a variety of events run throughout the year too, such as comedy and bingo.

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A particular draw is the cinema Sundays, which run a few times a year, where you can enjoy a Sunday Roast whilst watching a movie on the heated rooftop.

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Pete said: “We will put it out on social media for people to vote for films that they might want to see on the roof.

“The films are geared towards families.

“It gives the families something to do, but to almost give the parents the rest as the kids are sitting there quite happily watching it.

“The best time for it is normally November, December and January.

“It's very cosy up there and where it's dark early, it means that it's a very sort of cinema feel to it.”

He advises visitors to book events in advance as spaces often sell out quickly.

“It can be quite an energetic pub but more chill through the weekdays. We put a lot of effort into the food, the service and the entertainment.

“There will always be that energy behind it Friday and Saturday nights and people come in in a very positive mood on the comedy night and so looking forward to being entertained by some brilliant comedians – it’s the same with the bingo.”

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He went on to praise his staff for their hard work and for making The Kings Arms a brilliant all-round venue.

Pete said: “It's a whole package thing really with everyone being involved because there's no way we would be able to what we do without everyone pulling their weight – they are such great team.”