A Metropolitan Police officer nicknamed ‘Creepy Campbell’ has been sacked after he sent anonymous texts to a junior female officer asking for sex. 

PC Alex Campbell, who is married to a fellow officer and has a young child, sent harassing text messages to two younger female officers. 

A misconduct panel was told that Campbell bought a burner phone from Asda to remain anonymous while texting a young probationary officer. 

He sent her a text which said: “Hey. So are u loyal to your fella or do you consider other avenues?” 

When the young officer asked who he was Campbell replied: “Can't say atm, too risky as I am with someone so being very naughty myself! We have met tho! Please feel free to tell me to do one.” 

When the terrified officer made clear that she wanted to be left alone and demanded to know who it was, Campbell replied: “I can't babe! Not till I know I can trust you x.” 

“Just fyi, we do the same job if it reassures,” he added. “I do work in the met, and you have met me, I'm being a sleeze behind the mrs back and thought I could try and hook up with you? Wondered if it was on the cards hence why texting from a secret number, didn't mean to cause offence or distress, lesson learned sorry.” 

As the young officer told him she was “freaked out” and wanted to know who it was he said: “Look, it's so hard, I've opened up the can of worms! Totally get your reaction now, didn't think this thru! Think ur fit as hell and try my luck behind mrs back! You can block me and I can get rid of this sim and I guarantee u I won't contact u again.” 

The following day Campbell sent more messages from his own mobile phone telling the young officer he was looking forward to working alone with her again. 

She later confronted him in person and asked if it was him who had sent the anonymous text messages. He initially denied it but eventually confessed. 

He was apologetic but the young officer said he appeared to be smirking and on occasion laughed. 

A recording of the confrontation revealed that Campbell told the young officer that if he was left alone with her he did not know what would happen. 

An investigation found that months earlier Campbell has sent similar messages to another young female officer. 

On that occasion he continued to send messages when the officer made clear that his advances were not wanted. 

One of the young officers said that Met colleagues had made jokes and comments at her expense since she reported Campbell. 

A misconduct report said Campbell admitted the allegations: “He indicated that he had been affected by COVID. He wanted to pursue a sexual affair out of marriage. He had been selfish. He felt sorry for everyone he had hurt including his wife and fellow officers.” 

The report continued: “The panel finds that PC Campbell utilised the power imbalance in his relationship with PC's A and C in order to target them for his sexual advances. 

“His contact with them was abhorrent. It was a predatory campaign of sexually-motivated harassment. It had a sexual motive. It was degrading. It caused upset, distress, anxiety, shame, fear and distrust to its victims. 

“PC Campbell was repeatedly advised in no uncertain terms by his victims that his advances were unwanted and unwarranted, but failed to heed these warnings and persisted with his own agenda nonetheless. 

“His behaviour became more disturbing and cunning during his pursuit of PC C. He purchased a burner phone in order to be untraceable, he sent anonymous messages so as to be unidentifiable and he covered up his tracks by deleting his WhatsApp messages for both sender and receiver. 

“Whilst PC Campbell has apologised to his victims, this appears to be superficial and his predominant concern is directed at himself and his immediate family. He does not appear to have' demonstrated genuine remorse, apology or regret. He has limited insight.” 

PC Campbell was dismissed from the Met without notice.