A man who attacked his neighbour with a machete in a row over a parking spot has been jailed for eight years. 

Long Vu, 47, appeared at the Old Bailey for sentencing on Thursday (May 11) after a jury found him guilty of attempting to wound his next-door neighbour in a violent incident on Shawbrooke Road in Eltham

There had been a long-running dispute between Vu and the victim, who complained that Vu often blocked access to his driveway. 

The dispute escalated as the victim’s wife made a report to police that she and her daughter were being followed by Vu on their way to school or to the shops, Prosecutor Marie de Redman told the court. 

The victim said that during one confrontation Vu had made a throat slitting gesture at him, so he decided to install CCTV cameras at his house. 

On Saturday April 9 last year the victim returned home from work at 7pm. His wife said that Vu had been spotted pacing in the street outside their homes.

As the victim parked his van, Vu ran inside his own house and then emerged seconds later holding a machete, Ms Redman said. 

While the victim tried to park Vu unsheathed the machete and began smashing at the windows and trying to stab him. 

The attack was captured on CCTV and was also witnessed by the victim’s young daughter and his wife, who were terrified that he was going to be killed. 

After a struggle the victim escaped the van and ran for his life while screaming for help, Ms Redman said. 

Vu chased him to a house around the corner on Knockholt Road, where he continued to swing the machete at the victim who used a garden chair to defend himself. 

The attack only came to an end after a brave neighbour intervened and restrained Vu from behind while telling him to drop the machete. 

Vu was arrested at the scene. The victim was not physically injured as none of the machete strikes made contact with their intended target, the court heard. 

Ms Redman said the victim, his young daughter and his wife were all traumatised by the attack. 

The victim said he sleeps on the sofa downstairs most nights as he’s terrified someone will break in and attack his family. 

They have tried to sell their home and leave the area but a move collapsed when the buyers found out what had happened at the address. 

The court heard that Vu still holds resentment and maintains his innocence, saying he was acting in self-defence. 

In a statement read to the court the victim said: “If he is released he will definitely try to kill me, he’s obviously already tried.” 

The court was told that Vu is most likely suffering from a long-standing psychological disorder. 

Vu pleaded guilty to possessing a blade article and was found guilty of attempted wounding after a trial. 

Judge Simon Farrell told Vu: “It is very fortunate that the victim didn’t suffer any serious injury. He was put in fear for his life.” 

Judge Farrell sentenced Vu to eight years in prison, and also ordered a restraining order banning Vu from the area indefinitely for the protection of the victim and his family.