A Lady in London has released a guide on the best places to live in south London, and plenty of the neighbourhoods she has listed are in the south east area.

She has based her judgements of these areas on their rail, tube and overground connections, number of restaurants, pubs and shops, cost of living there and the general neighbourhood feel of the places.

The areas she named the best to live in south east London are: Brockley, Crystal Palace, Deptford, Dulwich, Herne Hill, Forest Hill and Greenwich.

She said: “There’s a big rivalry between north and south London, and born-and-raised Londoners will often tell you there’s a cultural divide. “As an expat, I like being able to see the best in both areas.

“Having lived north, west, central, and south, I also like to think I’ve had a pretty broad experience of the city.

“Since buying a flat south of the river, I’ve gotten to know many of the neighbourhoods here well.

“There are leafy villages and urban hotspots, residential neighbourhoods and commuter areas.

“They all make south London attractive for their own unique reasons.

“Regardless of whether you’re an expat, couple, young professional, student, family, or something else, there’s a part of south London that will fit your style, budget, and preferences.”

A Lady in London said Brockley is an “under-the-radar” spot to live in south London with colourful street art, a great market and a park with views.

She says it also has great rail connections and slightly lower housing prices than other parts of south London.

Crystal Palace was also on the list, recognised for its “dinosaur sculpture filled park, view of London, triangle of high streets and neighbourhood feel”.

A Lady in London believes that it’s a popular place to live with young professionals, couples and those trying to get on the housing ladder.

She added that Deptford is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in London and that it has a great location right on the Thames and is known for its trendy coffee shops, market and independent shops.

Dulwich is next on the list, perfect for someone looking to live somewhere “village-like”.

A Lady in London said that Dulwich has good rail and bus connections, green spaces and a famous art museum.

Close to Dulwich, Herne Hill was also recognised as a great place to live in south east London because of Herne Hill market and Brockwell Park.

Forest Hill made the list because of its fun cafes, delicious markets and pretty gardens.

It also has the Horniman Museum which a Lady in London says is a favourite for locals in the area.

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Greenwich.

Greenwich is a loved part of south east London picked out by a Lady in London as a standout because of its pretty streets and houses and spot right on the Thames.