The owner of a kiosk business in Lesnes Abbey has launched a petition against Bexley Council’s proposals to introduce new parking restrictions in surrounding roads.

Charlie Bolton, owner of family-run Chestnuts Kiosk in Lesnes Abbey, started a petition following Bexley Council’s new parking proposals over fears that it will negatively impact local trade and accessibility into the area.

News Shopper: Charlie Bolton began a petition after parking restriction proposals were put forward by Bexley Council.Charlie Bolton began a petition after parking restriction proposals were put forward by Bexley Council. (Image: Charlie Bolton)

New proposals would involve changing the current parking zone restrictions in New Road and Abbey Road from 11am - 1pm on weekdays to 8am – 6.30pm on weekdays for residents only.

Non-residents without a permit would therefore be required to pay £15 to park for up to two hours between the times of 8am – 6.30pm, which is the current price to park between 11am-1pm on weekdays.

News Shopper: The business was started during the lockdown of 2020The business was started during the lockdown of 2020 (Image: Charlie Bolton)

The 22-year-old said: “Nobody is going to be able to park there all day unless they're a resident, it's just going to completely cut off any access to this place if you can't walk here or if you can't get public transport here.

“So it’s a massive concern for us and other businesses who’ve put so much work into this place.”

Charlie discovered the new changes through a notice that was displayed in the area.

The petition has so far received more than 1,000 signatures online with more than 450 signed in person at the kiosk by Charlie’s customers.

Charlie said: “I didn't think the petition was going to get nearly as many signatures as it has.

“I've spoken to so many people and they’re all angry about it.

“It’s going to ruin Lesnes Abbey, it's just going to make it completely inaccessible for anyone wanting to come here.”

For Charlie, who started his family business in the height of lockdown restrictions, these new proposals could mean a difficult future for the business.

Charlie said: “We've worked tirelessly for over three years now.

“We've built a community; we've got so many regular customers and it's just going to be a kick in the face if it goes ahead.”

The proposals are currently under consultation until May 10, 2023 A spokesperson for Bexley Council said that the proposals have followed complaints from residents about “inconsiderate commuter parking” since the opening of the Elizabeth Line.

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They also added that the proposals are out for consultation and no decisions have currently been made.

A spokesperson for Bexley Council said: “These proposals follow complaints from many residents about inconsiderate commuter parking which has been taking place since the Elizabeth Line opened, and we have set out some ways to tackle that.

“The proposals are out for consultation at this stage and no decisions have yet been taken.”