A warning has been issued to UK residents interested in celebrating the coronation of King Charles III after a property expert revealed that bunting could land those hosting parties fines.

The expert revealed that up to £5000 could be fined to those decorating their homes to mark the occasion if the items pose a risk of injury to visitors and passersby.

The fines could be handed out under decades-old laws that ensure homeowners take reasonable care to keep visitors safe.

With that said, here is how homeowners could face £5000 fines for coronation decorations.

News Shopper: (Canva) Homeowners could be liable for injury in their homes during coronation parties(Canva) Homeowners could be liable for injury in their homes during coronation parties (Image: Canva)

Expert warns that homeowners could face fines of £5000 for 'dangerous' bunting

Homeowners could be fined for unsafe decorations and features under the Occupier's Liability Act 1957 (lawful visits) and Occupier's Liability Act 1984 (persons other than visitors).

The expert from Rated People said: “To avoid the risk of incurring a fine, homeowners should ensure all decorations are carefully secured, electrical decorations are properly wired and installed, and decorations are not placed in areas where they could cause obstruction or harm."

Expert reveals how to decorate your home safely for the King's coronation to avoid £5000 fines

The home maintenance expert shared six top tips to save yourself from fines during the coronation weekend in May:

Make sure paths and driveways are safe

Ensuring entry points are safe is vital as having items on driveways or paths could cause someone to fall and have an accident.

Securely tie bunting

Make sure decorations like bunting can't fall and create a trip hazard.

Securely fasten electrical decorations

Securely fastening electrical decorations is important as these could also become trip hazards. It is also vital that homeowners ensure plugs or wires are not damaged as this could pose a fire risk.

These should also be kept away from flammable materials.

News Shopper: (Canva) The expert also warned revellers about lighting fireworks during the coronation(Canva) The expert also warned revellers about lighting fireworks during the coronation (Image: Canva)

Ensure balloons are away from pathways

Having too many balloons on the floor or on pathways could be a trip hazard and make you liable for injury caused to visitors.

Remove all choking hazards 

If dogs or young children are visiting, it's a good idea to remove anything that could become a choking hazard, so small decorations and decorative items should be placed out of reach

Repair broken or dangerous features in your home

If you have anything broken in your home that could cause injury, get it fixed before the big day using an experienced tradesperson.

Coronation fireworks could land you £90 on-the-spot fines warns expert

The expert says: “If you’re really keen to make the day go off with a bang, be aware that using fireworks illegally could result in a £90 on-the-spot fine.

"Likewise, noise disruption after hours can lead to noise complaints, so be sure to give your neighbours a heads-up about your party and to make sure you keep music at the permitted sound levels and only between the hours of 7 am to 11 pm.”

When is King Charles III's Coronation?

The coronation will take place on Saturday, May 6, 2023, with a coronation bank holiday given to everyone across the country on May 8.