An inmate said he is living in ‘six-star luxury’ after he stabbed a prison officer at HMP ISIS in Thamesmead. 

In an unprovoked attack Jason Cunningham stabbed a prison officer with a makeshift weapon on April 9, 2021. 

The 41-year-old appeared at Woolwich Crown Court on Monday (April 24) where he pleaded guilty to the attack. 

In a letter Cunningham confessed that he had tried to murder the officer. 

“The CCTV is plain to see what happened. I would like to say I tried to murder Officer Wyatt,” he wrote. 

The prisoner later wrote a second letter which said: “I’m currently living in six-star luxury in HMP Barlinnie.” 

He continued: “I, Jason Cunningham, am an ongoing threat to the security of the UK. X marks the spot.” 

Cunningham later changed his tune and said it was simply a spur of the moment attack, and the officer had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cunningham has been caught with makeshift weapons in his cell on two other occasions. 

Once it was a toothbrush snapped in half and sharpened to a point, and on the other occasion it was a sharpened metal instrument wrapped in cloth. 

Cunningham has 56 convictions for 94 offences and at the time of the attack he was serving nine months in prison for possession of a knife. 

Judge Benjamin Gumpert said: “I am concerned about what I have heard about you and things you have said and have done. 

“And this court may need to impose an extended sentence if you are found to be dangerous. The court will be helped in making that decision by a pre-sentence report.”   

Sentencing was adjourned until June in order for a report to be produced.