A dangerous predator who was jailed for molesting an eight-year-old boy in a McDonald’s toilet sent sexual messages to kids just days after being released from prison. 

James Golding was jailed for four years in 2017 after he followed the eight-year-old into a toilet cubicle, touched his penis and then covered his mouth while he digitally penetrated him. 

Golding was released from prison in December 2021 but just days later he was offending again by messaging children online. 

The 26-year-old appeared at Inner London Crown Court for sentencing on April 19 after pleading guilty to eight sexual offences.

Prosecutor Clara Sibanda said Golding pretended to be a 15-year-old boy while speaking to a 13-year-old and incited the young boy to send sexual photos.

Golding also told a 15-year-old that he sexually abuses his own six-year-old brother, although he doesn’t actually have one. 

Golding and the 15-year-old discussed child porn and how to find it, and this conversation resulted in the 15-year-old being arrested by police

When they analysed the 15-year-old's phone they found Golding’s messages and began to target him with decoy accounts (officers pretending to be children to catch predators). 

Golding was arrested at an address on Swingate Lane in Woolwich on March 23 last year, just three months after he had been released from prison. 

Officers also found extreme videos of children on his phone, including videos of children he had sent to other perverts.  

News Shopper: Golding has admitted he is sexually attracted to childrenGolding has admitted he is sexually attracted to children (Image: Metropolitan Police)

Defending Golding, Mr Mitchell said his client admits he has a sexual attraction to children and realised he was at risk of reoffending so went online as an outlet for his offending. 

“His explanation was that he thought he thought he could limit his offending by going online,” Mr Mitchell said. 

Golding is diagnosed with ADHD and autism, and was described as an isolated man without any friendships. 

Judge Benedict Kelleher told him: “You have a desire to offend towards children as young as eight. For those reasons I am satisfied that you are a dangerous offender.” 

Judge Kelleher jailed Golding for five years and four months.

Due to the threat Golding poses to children, Judge Kelleher also gave him an extended licence period of six years after his prison sentence. 

A Sexual Harm Prevention Order was also ordered to last for 15 years, preventing him from being alone with children and from having an unregistered electronic devices.