A French driver has been handed nearly £25,000 worth of fines after driving within London's low-emission zone (LEZ). 

It comes as French tourist Fernando Neiva, who runs a minibus service for French tourists in the UK, was hit with 12 fines by Transport for London (TfL). 

According to The Guardian, Neiva's 12 fines totalled £2,000 each after his driver entered the LEZ from October to November. 

He also received three fines that equalled £700 for breaking the rules of the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ).

The van, which is exempt from the charge was fined because he did not pre-register his vehicle with TfL and any vehicle which is unregistered is automatically classed as having high emissions.

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Motorist charged with £25,000 of fines for driving in London

Speaking to The Guardian, Neiva said: "It’s just a small company and (we) try to go by the rules. So, that was super scary, especially when you know you’ve respected the rules.”

Although Neiva's van was not registered, he did submit proof that the van was exempt from any emission charges six months ago. 

However, he only received a response for the appeal five months after the submission. 

Since registering the van, TfL has said that it was exempt from charges but the fines are not yet cancelled. 

The Guardian was also told by TfL that oversea drivers have needed to register vehicles since 2008. 

As a spokesperson said: "The evidence that Mr Neiva provided should have resulted in all the outstanding charges being cancelled immediately.

"We apologise for any distress caused and have rescinded the outstanding fines that were not originally cancelled when the evidence was first provided.”