A woman from Bromley has been fined and her car crushed after a fly-tipping incident.

Ms Jane Morris’ car was seized and crushed after her conviction for unlawfully depositing controlled waste under S33(5) of the Environment Protection Act.

The judge found no direct evidence linking Jane to the tipping act itself.

However, inconsistences in her evidence and personal accounts established the judge to find that Jane was the person in control of the car and at the time, therefore knowingly caused the waste to be dumped.

The Judge ordered forfeiture of her vehicle, and a fine of £334 + £100 costs.

The vehicle was crushed on Friday March 31, 2023.

Bromley Council has reminded residents and traders that fly tipping in the borough “will not be tolerated”.

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A Bromley Council spokesperson said: “This latest case is a clear example of our commitment to clamping down on illegal fly-tipping and unlicenced disposal of waste.

“While the crushing of a vehicle can be seen by some to be an extreme outcome, it sends a clear warning to potential future perpetrators of fly-tipping.”

“We will always investigate and prosecute all instances of fly-tipping that come to our attention.

“To that end, we urge residents to report any and all fly-tipped rubbish, so we can both remove the unsightly deposits from our green and nature friendly borough and bring the guilty parties to justice.”