A double above-knee amputee from Abbey Wood says she is feeling “frustrated” due to the broken lift at a Sainsbury’s superstore.

Osayuki Igbinoba was a regular customer of the Sainsbury’s store on Harrow Manorway, and she often visited with her mum.

To get access to the store, Osayuki could only use one of the two lifts as she uses prosthetic legs and a wheelchair, which meant she was unable to use the travelator.

The issue began in September 2022, when the 24-year-old claims she was notified by a member of staff that one of the lifts was out of service.

News Shopper:

Just three months later, the last remaining lift broke, therefore leaving Osayuki with no accessible way to enter the Sainsbury’s store.

Osayuki told the News Shopper: “Both lifts were out of service for a period of time.

“My mum would usually help me do the shopping, but I couldn’t shop there during the time they were out of service.

News Shopper: Osayuki IgbinobaOsayuki Igbinoba (Image: Osayuki Igbinoba)

“In February, I visited the store again to see if they were up and running, but they were still out of service.

“The only option is the travelator, which I can’t use with my wheelchair.”

News Shopper: credit: Osayuki Igbinobacredit: Osayuki Igbinoba (Image: Osayuki Igbinoba)

On February 23, Osayuki posted a video onto her TikTok and Instagram account which shows both lifts being out of order.

The Instagram reel received more than 40,000 views and over 100 comments, including viewers tagging the superstore in the video.

Osayuki claims no one from Sainsbury’s has contacted her about the video.

Osayuki says her and her mum spoke with a manager in the shop, and after getting through to the senior roles at Sainsbury’s, they were informed parts to fix the lifts were “being ordered”.

Now, just one of the lifts is up and running, but Osayuki confessed she has had to go elsewhere for her shopping.

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A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said staff members are “working hard” to fix the second lift.

Osayuki added: “It’s difficult, because the other closest store to me is LIDL, but there is a steep hill in the way to get there so I can’t shop there.

“So really, I can only go out to grab small things with my mum.

“If I wanted to do a big shop, I have to go further away.

“It's not good for me, other disabled people, the elderly and parents with buggies.”

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “One of the lifts at our Abbey Wood store is fully functional and we are working hard to fix the second.

“We’re sorry for this customer’s experience.”