A man has been jailed after he attacked a woman with a knife while on bail for beating her up.

Billy Grant, of Dunkery Road in Mottingham, appeared at Inner London Crown Court for sentencing on April 3 after being convicted for five assaults and possession of a knife.

The 32-year-old had been out of prison for just a month when he assaulted the woman for the first time on August 17, 2022. 

Grant and the woman were in her home when he kicked her in the head leaving her with a black eye, Prosecutor Joe Davidson said. 

Three days later the woman was home alone when Grant came and banged on her door. 

She let him in and he started hitting her, with one of the punches causing a cut under her eye, Mr Davidson said. 

The victim managed to escape and ran to a police station and a warrant was put out for Grant’s arrest. 

Two days later, on August 22, a police officer spotted Grant and approached him.

Grant ran away but was eventually detained and arrested. 

When they got to Walworth Police Station the back of the van was left open because it was an extremely hot day. 

Grant got out the of the van, squared up to the officer who had arrested him and kicked him in the leg, the court heard. 

Grant was released on bail but just a month later, on September 23, he ran into the woman at a supermarket. 

A verbal argument started before Grant pulled a 45cm serrated kitchen knife out of a backpack and swung it at her, Mr Davidson said. 

She threw a drink at him as he swung at her and kicked him off his bike, at which point he cycled away. Fortunatley she did not sustain any serious injuries.

The following month Grant was still on bail when he attacked a prison guard in Primark at The Glades Shopping Centre.

The court was told that Grant has 37 previous convictions.

Defence counsel said he has bipolar disorder and committed these offences after he had stopped taking his medication.

The court was told he has shown a willingness to change and is a positive influence in the prison community.

Judge John Brooke-Smith sentenced him to three years and three months in prison.