If you have ever lost anything on a Transport for London (TfL) service and wondered where it has ended up, here's the answer. 

As the TfL lost property auctions let you place a bid on the forgotten items left on the public transport service. 

Hosted in the iconic auction house of Greasby's in South London, there is much more than TfL items on sale with the like of police evidence also up for grabs.

From unclaimed luggage, bottles of Moet, books, phones and even plastic bags the auction has everything.

Inside Greasby's auction house that sells TfL lost property

Greasby auction house is much like any other, with glass cabinets filled with everything weird and wonderful.

The business has been running for just over 100 years starting in 1919 and has stayed in the same spot since its beginnings. 

Cases around Greasby are typically stored with electronics including the likes of iPads, cameras, phones, chargers and much more.

The price tends to be around 20% of the typical resale value according to the Londonist and all devices are wiped before being sold. 

Along with all the fancy items like designer bags, jewellery and even a couple of Rolex, there are some more bizarre products up for sale. 

Trays of random toiletries and bags of small items are included too.

Instagrammer London_xploring visited the auction house and shared their experience describing it as "super fascinating".

Greasby's is in a unique position compared to other auction houses, with its long connection with TfL, the Met Police, railway and museum lost property officers and Heathrow airport. 

Lost property auctions take place every fortnight with the next taking place on April 5.