A former Metropolitan Police officer was found to have committed gross misconduct after repeatedly travelling on the train without a valid ticket.

Former PC Bryden Dunn resigned weeks before a misconduct hearing on Monday, March 27, which decided that he would have been fired if he was still working for the Met.

Between March 28 and August 15, 2022, Dunn travelled by train without a ticket on six seperate occasions, the misconduct hearing found.

When challenged by officers at Harrow and Wealdstone Station on August 15 he lied that he had travelled from Watford Junction, which would have meant his journey would have been covered by his free Police Oyster card.

As a Met Police officer, Dunn could have joined the ATOC rail scheme, which for a small monthly fee allows officers to travel on National Rail services within a 70 mile radius of London.

However, Dunn chose not to make advantage of the perk.

No criminal prosecution was sought by the British Transport Police but the misconduct panel found the allegation proved on the balance of probabilities.

Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray said: "In behaving as he did, former PC Dunn not only caused financial loss to the train company, but he has brought reputational harm upon the Metropolitan Police Service.

"I note in particular that he showed his warrant card to station staff at the gates in order to be allowed to pass through.

"This deliberate, planned and repeated abuse of his position as a police officer for financial gain is particularly serious misconduct which likely to seriously undermine public confidence in policing."

Former PC Dunn, who joined the Met in 2014 and was part of the North West Basic Command Unit, will be added to the Barred List held by the College of Policing.