Have you ever been on a day out and been desperately trying to find the nearest, half decent toilet to rush to?

Well, a TikTokker with numerous viral videos might just be the perfect account for you to follow.

The @loos_of_London TikTokker visits toilets across the city and shares photos, videos and ratings of their experience there.

From hotels to airport terminals, you can live out your dreams of visiting London’s fanciest toilets through the account.

@loos_of_london With so many gorgeous loos in London, why are you still going to fast food restaurants and coffee shops? #loosoflondon #pov #publictoilet #london #londontiktok #bathroom #toilet #loo #secretlondon ♬ Originalton - CENKGO

Back in January, the TikToker rated the top five prettiest loos in London from 2022 in no particular order.

The toilet at Cedric Grolet was the first loo listed, followed by the Ritz hotel.

The TikToker said: “It’s worth spending £25 on a cocktail just so you can use this loo.

“They even have fresh flowers.”

Next up is the Brasserie of Light inside of Selfridges.

@loos_of_london Top 5 Prettiest Loos of 2022 #luxurylondon #londonhotel #fivestarhotel #londonhotspots #londonrestaurants #loo #toilet #top5 #2022recap ♬ original sound - Loos of London

They added: “The loo is designed like an exquisite jewellery box and it even has a pink loo.

“It’s a very affordable restaurant – worth stopping by if you’re shopping.”

Also listed was the Rosewood Hotel, with the looks of London account claiming that their video does not do the toilet justice.

They said: “The fixtures and fittings are truly top notch and they keep a spare loo roll in a little silver box.”

Finally, the Mandrake was named by the account as one of the prettiest loos in London in 2022 for its “unbeatable” interior.

The account takes everything into account when reviewing the toilets from the décor to the handwash, giving viewers a thorough idea of each toilet’s vibe with a light, jokey tone.

When reviewing the toilet on a Thameslink train, the TikToker made a joke about South Eastern Railway having worked with local graffiti artists to create a “striking purple and black design” because of the graffiti covering the walls.

@loos_of_london Reply to @zonicmusic Thameslink, London #londontiktok #visitlondon #londontransport #tfl #transportforlondon #londonrailways #thameslink #railstrike #loo #toilet ♬ original sound - Loos of London

At the other end of the spectrum, the self-proclaimed ‘loofluencer’ reviewed the toilets inside if Ralph Lauren on Bond Street by recommendation of one of their followers.

They said: “Everything inside was mega expensive, so not going to lie our hopes were high.

“Once inside, there’s a room within a room which has an accessible toilet.

“The main bathroom has an art deco style.”

@loos_of_london The Ritz, Piccadilly #ritz #luxurylondon #fivestarhotel #travellondon #londontiktok #hotel #londonhotel #mayfair #artdeco #londonarchitecture #visitlondon #loo #bathroom #toilet #londonbars ♬ original sound - Loos of London

However, inside of the toilet cubicle they did find that the wall needed plastering and that the loo brush was “shocking” and “looked like it was from the pound shop”.

One of the standout loo reviews pinned on their page was filmed at Victoria’s Secret on Bond Street.

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They said: “Do you know what Victoria’s Secret is? Because we do.

“She’s got a toilet on the second floor.”

The TikToker filmed their journey up the stairs and took their viewers inside of the “fancy” toilets and remarked that you don’t see luxurious looks like this one in New Look.

The only critique the expert toilet critic had at this spot was the plant, as while it was real it appeared to be dying.

But, this was redeemed by the disposable hand towels that had specifically been branded with the Victoria’s Secret logo.