Transport for London (TfL) is said to be cutting back London bus routes in a bid to save money and change the capital's transport network. 

The cuts will see nine bus routes disappear by the start of next year, however, some won't be gone forever as there are plans to partially replace them. 

The bus routes which are set to be cut have been consulted with the public, as its TfL's legal requirement to do so. 

However, TfL still has the power to go ahead with plans and make the changes even if the public disagrees. 

Currently, TfL has to redistribute buses from Central London to Outer London whilst reducing bus provision by four per cent as part of a funding deal made with the government. 

TfL also needs to meet goals set out by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to increase bus ridership as part of plans to have 80 per cent of London make journeys by walking, cycling and public transport by 2041.

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What London bus routes could be scrapped under TfL plans?

Route 168: Hampstead Heath-Old Kent Road

TfL wants to merge routes 1 and routes 168 into just route 1, which will run Hampstead Heath to Canada Water. It will mean that there would be a reduced amount of buses crossing Waterloo Bridge.

Route 16/332: Victoria/Paddington-Cricklewood-Brent Park

TfL found that there were two main buses along Edgware Road and Park Lane and so plan to re-route services, including the 16. It will see route 332 be renamed 16, seeing the current 16 that runs Victoria to Cricklewood not run during the daytime. 

Route 346: Upminster-Upminster Park

The 346 is a short ride at just 10 minutes seeing TfL replace it with an extended route 497 from Harold Hill. It could mean that the 346 would be replaced with two buses per hour. 

Route 347: Romford-Ockendon

The Romford-Ockendon is one of London's oldest routes and could be replaced by route 497. It currently covers Greater London just outside the M25 but only runs four return journeys Monday to Saturday. 

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Route 455: Wallington-Purley, Old Lodge Lane

The 445 future is in limbo with plans suggesting that it could be replaced by re-routed routes 166, 312 and S4. It could see all cross-Croydon routes split in the town centre. 

Route 507: Victoria-Waterloo

Route 507 cut seeing routes 3 and 11 provide services along the current 507 route. It comes after consultation respondents were not happy with the original plans to cut the 11.

Route 521: Waterloo-London Bridge

The 521 route will be cut after a drop in passenger footfall, seeing that there will be diversions of routes 59 and 133, whilst route 8 continues to provide a service at High Holborn. 

Route N16: Victoria-Edgware

The N16 is being rebranded the N32 as it will no longer follow the main 16 route. 

Route 271: Moorgate-Highgate Village 

After 62 years of running the 271 was axed in early February and has since been replaced by the extensions and re-routing of routes 21 and 263.