This week on Wednesday, March 15 London Underground workers that are part of the Aslef Union will be taking strike action. 

The strikes were announced back in February and will take place a day before national rail strike action. 

Transport for London (TfL) has urged travellers to be prepared and plan alternative routes in a bid to avoid potential travel chaos. 

Ahead of the strike action, we have everything you need to know from whether the Tube will still be running and why members of Aslef are taking action. 

When are the Tube Strikes? 

The tube strikes will be taking place on Wednesday, March 15 and will last for 24 hours. 

TfL has said that underground services should return back to normal on the morning of Thursday, March 16, however, some may be impacted due to national rail strikes. 

Will London Underground services run during Tube strikes? 

Due to a large number of workers taking action, TfL has said that there will be little to no service expected on the underground network. 

However, trains that do not run on the underground lines are still expected to be running as normal. 

Are the Elizabeth Line, Overground, DLR and Trams still running during Tube Strikes?

The Elizabeth Line and Overground are set to run as normal but there is a warning that they will be much busier than normal and to expect queuing. 

Whilst the DLR and Trams are also expected to run as normal but with busier conditions and warnings of changes of stops due to station closures. 

Why are London Underground workers striking?

The tube strikes are taking place over an ongoing dispute surrounding pensions and working conditions. 

It will see workers in roles including Test Train, Engineering and management all walk out. 

Speaking of the strikes, union organiser on the London Underground, Finn Brennan "We understand that TfL faces financial challenges, post-pandemic, but our members are simply not prepared to pay the price for the government's failure to properly fund London's public transport system."

To find out more information and to get current service status, head to the TfL website.