A TikTok famous estate agent is looking to breathe a breath of fresh air into industry with her personalised approach and beautiful TikTok videos of south east London properties.

Tanya Baker, 29, grew up in Eltham and started working in Blackheath Village in 2016 before she went independent and set up her own estate agency under Keller Williams around 18 months ago.

Tanya uses the usual portals, such as RightMove and Zoopla, to promote her client’s properties – and also twins this with social media, where TikTok which has been a huge success.

Her videos on TikTok of various local properties have gone viral on the platform, with her most popular TikTok of a stunning five storey town house in SE14 reaching a huge 1.4 million views and 267,000 likes.

@tanyabaker.co.uk Replying to @anais 🎧🩰 how about a five storey townhouse in SE14? This place was on the market for sale & the owners decided to keep it to rent. Guess the rent and previous asking price 😁 #se14 #newcross #housetour #estateagent #southeastlondon #periodproperty #interiors #interiordesign ♬ Don't Delete The Kisses - Wolf Alice

The videos are filmed in a way that makes you feel like you are being shown around the property by a friend and create a real taste of the atmosphere in the homes.

Tanya told the News Shopper: “I want to make the content warm and welcoming - and less stiff because the industry is quite stiff, and old fashioned.

“I hope to breathe a bit of fresh air into the industry and make it a bit more interesting for people when they're looking.

“I tried to make sure that the music will work with the flow of the home and suit it’s character.”

News Shopper: Tanya works with properties across south east LondonTanya works with properties across south east London (Image: @mikeoflahertyphotography)

Tanya explained how her videographer Matt (@mosbornphotography) directs her around the properties and gives her an idea of how she should position herself and what she should do.

However, as she has become more comfortable in front of the camera, Tanya said that she now feels a lot more natural doing this.

She added: “Tik Tok is actually great because people will be scrolling through passively and the algorithm might recognise that they have been to Rightmove at some point and put it on their ForYou page.

“People spend about two and a half day a day on social media, but only eight minutes a day on Rightmove.”

Tanya’s favourite thing about the job is having a more personal and alternative approach with her clients.

Tanya added: “The most enjoyable part is those stories and the lives that I get to have a peek into.

“I just love homes that have got stories and I love when a client talks to me about their memories - the things that they've done to the home and the stories of the people that have lived there once.

“It is really rewarding for me.”

Tanya’s great grandfather owned his own estate agency in Blackheath and so she feels that she is continuing on her legacy by going into this area of work.

She said she aims to take as much of the stress out of buying, selling, letting and renting as possible.

Tanya explained: “People can put their trust in me and they can come back to me with any queries throughout their life – It’s like when you go to one hairdresser, or they go to one mortgage broker.

“It is much more personal and direct.

“You need to be someone who's passionate about going to the ends of the earth for people you need to be passionate about doing, going the extra mile and really doing the right thing, even behind the scenes.

“I see all kinds of properties and clients - from small to large, fresh and ready, or a blank canvas all the way up fully kitted out ready to move into.”

Some of Tanya’s TikTok videos give a sneak peek into the industry by that occasionally some photos and videos online are staged with CGI furniture.

She said this is real benefit for some clients to present the property as lived in and furnished, which shows its future potential and give it a warmer feel.

News Shopper: Tanya works with properties across south east LondonTanya works with properties across south east London (Image: @mikeoflahertyphotography)

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Other TikToks on her page include smaller clips of cool little installations that some of the properties have, such as secret doors disguised as a bookshelf or a hidden panel in the wall.

She also promotes the history of the area by comparing old photographs with the current day – including Greenwich Park or the old fire station in Blackheath Village.

@tanyabaker.co.uk Can you guess where this is? 😁 1905 (date of picture) - 2021 #victorian #historic #edwardian #property #beforeandafter #southeastlondon ♬ original sound - Tanya Baker

Tanya added: “You just have to think outside the box.

“It is great to be part of this new movement – I’m just so grateful to be in this time where the industry is changing, and people have been really receptive to it.”