A “sociable and cheeky” cat from Beckenham who has been described as a “local celebrity” has gone missing – and the whole area is trying to find her.

Stella the cat is well known locally for her love of people, big personality and wandering paws – and many people typically see Stella on a day-to-day basis up until recently.

Stella first went missing on the evening of Sunday, February 19 and was last seen on the move via a tracking device at around 11.30pm on Copers Cope Road near Crystal Palace FC Academy.

She typically gets brought back home for the night but because of how late it was in this instance, her owner Rebecca Williams went to sleep, and the next morning Stella was nowhere to be seen and nothing was being picked up on the tracker.

Rebecca told the News Shopper: “Normally I am inundated on a daily basis with calls about her and that is why it is so unusual because nobody has seen her.

“You’ve never met a cat like her – she is so bold and funny.

“She is very affectionate.

“As soon as she sees someone she just starts following them and that’s why we try and get her in at night time.”

Rebecca explained that sometimes strangers will allow Stella into their homes and feed her.

She has tried discouraging this by putting notes on her collar as she would like Stella to return home on a night to her family.

Most nights Stella sleeps in her son’s, Ewan’s, arms like teddy bear.

News Shopper: Stella in a shopStella in a shop (Image: Rebecca)

They decided to put tracker on Stella because people were often taking her to the vets thinking she was lost, when in fact she was just enjoying a good wander around Beckenham – including into plenty of local shops.

Stella enjoys visiting St Georges Church, Marks and Spencer’s on the High Street, Hayne Road, Blakeney – but really likes to wander anywhere and everywhere.

Stella’s home is close to Rectory Road in Beckenham but the furthest she has gone is the yoga studio in Sydenham High Street.

News Shopper: Stella hanging out at the barbers Stella hanging out at the barbers (Image: Rebecca)

Rebecca explained: “She has about a week of really liking somewhere and then she will move on and find a new spot.

“The other day I got a call that she was at the shop Jumping Bean, she has gone to Superdrug and sat in the chair near the window, Lidl, Clarks, charity shops, she’s been in the library, she just goes everywhere.

“She will go up to people on the street and just start crying so they might think she is distressed but all she wants is a cuddle and to be picked up.”

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Rebecca explained that Stella is a rescue cat from Rommey House in Downe and was originally on the streets of Romania.

Stella is now around five years old.

The name Stella is inspired by the snow leopard in the Northern Lights by author Philip Pullman who is named Stelmaria.

If you see Stella or have any further information on her whereabouts, you can contact Rebecca on 07764183745.

News Shopper: Stella asleep in the sock drawerStella asleep in the sock drawer (Image: Rebecca)