Travellers are being urged to prepare for upcoming travel disruption as staff on the London Underground are set to strike. 

It comes as Tube drivers under the Aslef Union announced further strike action after a vote saw 99% in favour of taking action with a 77% turnout. 

Aslef said that workers in roles including Test Train, Engineering and management would also be taking action on the same day as drivers. 

The strikes are taking palace over ongoing disputes surrounding pensions and working conditions. 

Ahead of strike action Transport for London (TfL) has urged the union to call off the strikes as Nick Dent, director of customer operations at TfL said: "We want to make London Underground a better place to work so we urge Aslef to call off this damaging strike and continue working with us."

However, union organiser on the London Underground, Finn Brennan said that unless they were prepared to negotiate but want "unequivocal commitment" from TfL.

He said: "We understand that TfL faces financial challenges, post-pandemic, but our members are simply not prepared to pay the price for the government's failure to properly fund London's public transport system."

When are the Tube Strikes in March?

Tube strikes are taking place on Wednesday, March 15 and will last 24 hours. 

All lines are set to be affected with more details expected closer to the time.

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Currently, no other strikes on the London Underground have been announced however, days after the Tube strikes, the national rail strikes are set to take place. 

Why are Tube drivers going on Strike? 

Tube drivers that are members of Aslef are striking due to pensions and working conditions. 

Aslef organiser Finn Brennan said: "Members are not prepared to put up any longer with the threats to their working conditions and pensions…or to pay the price for the government’s failure to properly fund London’s public transport system.

"Cuts to safety training have already been forced through and management is open that they plan to remove all current working agreements under the guise of “modernisation” and “flexibility” and to replace the agreed attendance and discipline policies."