Residents have tried to block an “unbearably loud” South London music festival from happening again this year saying fans constantly throw up or wee outside their homes.

Residents in Beckenham, Bromley, have objected to plans to hold the two-day festival Soul Town in Croydon Road Recreation Ground in September this year.

The event has taken place annually in the park since 2018, and attracts nearly 10,000 people.

The plans for the festival were discussed at a licensing meeting for Bromley Council on February 8.

Local resident Mr Baker, who lives on Village Way next to the park, said at the meeting that Croydon Road Recreation Ground was not a suitable place to have a “mini-Glastonbury”, and that the sound from the event was “unbearable” from his house.

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He said: “Believe me, at ground level, the noise coming from the DJ booth on the right hand side and the noise coming from the stage on the left hand side, you’re getting it basically in stereo.”

Despite his objections, Mr Baker said there were no problems with neighbours communicating with the organisers of the festival. Joe Courtney, co-founder of Soul Town Festival, said at the meeting: “We try to work around our local residents, who are in support of the festival and who do want this to go ahead. The safety advisory group have been in support of the festival this year with no problems in their departments as of the year just gone.”

Another resident living nearby, Mr Fox, said at the meeting that he had an issue with the antisocial behaviour after the event.

He said: “When it finishes, you’ve got people coming out and they’re so drunk they can’t do anything.

"We’ve been buying industrial amounts of disinfectant to clean, because we’re right on the corner of Durban Road. We’re cleaning up all the mess, vomit, the urination.”

In response, Mr Courtney asked Mr Fox why only 20 neighbours had attended the consultation meetings the organisers had arranged with residents.

He said: “If this is so disturbing to so many residents on your road and these surrounding streets, why aren’t there more people in attendance to voice their concerns in these meetings that we’ve prepared in the past?”

Mr Fox said locals were too scared to complain about the event.

He said: “I’ve lived here 27 years… This isn’t like anything else.

"I know 11 people on Durban Road that leave for that weekend. They book a flight and they don’t come back until Monday. They’re too scared.”

Supporting the festival, Conservative Councillor Christine Harris said she was told last year by food and drinks stalls on the site how well organised the event was.

She said at the meeting: “Any of the objections that we’ve ever had from our Village Way residents have been either satisfied or they have tried hard to satisfy.

"I think it is supported by thousands of local residents in the London Borough of Bromley and everything I’ve asked for has been addressed and I would like to see the event carried on.”

The licensing committee granted permission to the organisers to run the Soul Town Festival on September 2 and 3 this year.

Conditions for the approval included the organisers having to apply for better traffic management for neighbouring roads in the area and hire a cleaning team for the surrounding streets.