With one Wetherspoons already closed, three more due to close and one about to open – we’ve created a map of everything you need to know about the pubs in south east London.

Over the past year south east London has said goodbye to one popular pub already, with another three set to close this year.

Wetherspoons has also announced the opening of a brand-new pub in the O2 in March this year.

With all the changes to Wetherspoons pubs in south east London this year, we’ve created a map to round up all the changes that have happened.

Pubs that have closed

One of the pubs that south east London lost last year was The Edmund Halley Pub on Burnt Ash Road in Lee Green.

The pub closed its doors for the final time on December 30 - much to the upset of some News Shopper readers who called the closure “terrible” and “a very bad idea”.

Pubs that are closing

The Banker’s Draft, the Wrong Un and The Capitol are three of the pubs in south east London that have been put up for sale by Wetherspoons.

The Banker’s Draft in Eltham, the Wrong Un in Bexleyheath and The Capitol in Forest Hill are three of the 32 Wetherspoons pubs that were put up for sale across England.

These Wetherspoons pubs are set to close once they have found a new buyer, although it is unknown if the pubs will permanently close.

A new Wetherspoons opening

Amongst closures there is one new Wetherspoons set to open later on this year in south east London in North Greenwich.

The Stargazer pub will be opening in the setting of the O2 on March 21 which will feature a 3,800-square-foot beer garden.