Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has said that the poorest drivers will be hit more by the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). 

It comes as the finance expert joined Mayor of London Sadiq Khan at an event addressing financial pressures facing Londoners. 

Speaking at the event, Lewis said the planned timing of the expansion was "pretty tough" after sharing that poorer drivers would be most impacted. 

Mr Khan responded to Lewis's comment saying: "What is the right number of people to die a year to make it acceptable?"

The ULEZ expansion is planned to come into place at the end of August, seeing all of Greater London pay £12.50 a day to drive in the capital if their vehicle does not meet standards.

Responding to Khan's comments on the timing of the expansion, Lewis said: "If I may be honest, the reasons behind that are good, but the timing is pretty tough to do it this year amongst a cost-of-living crisis.

"For the 6% who have cars pre-2005 petrol or pre-2015 diesel, they will tend to be not the wealthiest because they haven't upgraded their car in that time."

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Khan responded that he first wanted to expand in 2017, saying: "When is the right time? I was told in 2017 that it wasn't the right time because of concerns around Brexit."

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called 'Con Man' over ULEZ expansion

During the event, one angry attendee walked out and began shouting that Khan was a "con man". 

Speaking to the BBC, one attendant, Angie Donnelley, told them she had been planning on heckling the Mayor. 

She said: "There are people who want to go and visit their loved ones' graves, and they have to pay £12.50. It's disgusting."

Many have shown their frustration towards the expansion news, with local councils showing their concerns over the Mayor's plans. 

Surrey County Council, which borders London, says it is not allowing any TfL warning signs. 

Plus, Khan gave four London Conservative-run councils - Harrow, Hillingdon, Bromley and Bexley, until Thursday, February 9 to sign a legal agreement to allow expansion work to take place. 

The councils have said they will not sign the agreement and will instead launch legal action.