A South London park is finally being cleared up after “upturned unicorns and pixies”  were left scattered across its grounds after a winter event.

Removal of the equipment from the Lightopia event in Crystal Palace Park in Bromley has begun, according to the Crystal Palace Park Trust.

The decorations were originally meant to be taken away on January 12, but the clean up was delayed by the company that runs the event, Outreach Creative Limited, going into administration.

Lightopia, which includes light up Christmas decorations and animal characters, was open to the public from November 17, 2022 to January 2 this year.

Crystal Palace Park Trust said in a statement on January 29: “The removal of equipment from Lightopia remaining in the park began on Friday, January 27. The process is continuing.

"The lanterns and their fixings are now being removed from their stations and consolidated into one place in preparation for their final removal from the park.”

The trust previously said that the original date to remove the decorations had been extended due to recent events.

Parkgoer Darren Hayman said on Twitter that he had seen “upturned unicorns and pixies” strewn across the park on January 16.

A Crystal Palace local also told the Local Democracy Reporting Service they had seen boxes used to store light structures for the event left scattered in one of the park’s car parks.

The trust said in a statement: “We understand that this is very frustrating to park users, and we share your disappointment and frustration at this unanticipated and unforeseen situation, especially given thorough due diligence performed on all event operators.”

The decorations left over from the event were assigned to the Crystal Palace Park Trust after they were named an involuntary bailee of Outreach Creative.

Scaffolding from Lightopia was removed on January 27, with lanterns being taken away from the park on January 29.

The trust said they were unsure how long the clean up would take, but expected it to be finished by February 6.

After Outreach Creative Limited went into administration, a Crystal Palace Park Trust spokesperson told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “The Trust was dismayed to learn that Outreach Creative was going into administration immediately prior to the fulfilment of their responsibilities to vacate the park and complete necessary site reinstatement.

"We are urgently seeking to mitigate any impact that this unfortunate and unexpected set of events has on the park and its users.”

The Crystal Palace Park Trust said they would update locals on its website about the park as new information becomes available.