You may not have realised that the popular BBC drama, Call the Midwife, was filmed on south east London's doorstep.

The iconic, terraced houses featured on the show can be found at Theed Street.

Theed Street is a beautiful, residential road situated just north of Waterloo east train station.


Another spot nearby that is used to film Call the Midwife is Roupell Street.

Roupell Street is only one road over from Theed Street and is also lined by stunning, terraced houses.

Both spots easily transport you to 1950s London, only now you can spy modern skyscrapers in the background. 

News Shopper: Roupell Street: Filming location for BBC drama 'Call the Midwife'Roupell Street: Filming location for BBC drama 'Call the Midwife' (Image: Google maps street view)

The lines of 19th-century terraced houses are still used to this day and the streets are used for providing exterior shots for the drama.

So, next time you are near Waterloo it could be worth taking a walk to these streets and stepping into Call the Midwife.

You also may not have realised that the studios Call the Midwife is filmed in are based in Surrey.

The show is filmed at Longcross Studios in Surrey but unfortunately, this particular location is not open to the public. 

Another filming location for Call the Midwife, which is actually set in Poplar, can be found in north London.

St. Joseph’s Missionary College in Mill Hill has been used as the setting for Nonnatus House.

Call the Midwife follows newly qualified midwife Jenny Lee in addition to the work of the midwives and the nuns and Nonnatus House.

Viewers watch as the characters navigate the medical problems in the deprived area of Poplar in the 1950s.

Recently, a girl from Bexleyheath appeared in the show, making her TV debut in the Call the Midwife Christmas episode as Susan Mullocks.

Emily Webb, 7, played a thalidomide victim – a character who first appeared on Call the Midwife as a baby.

Emily joined an agency, JLH Arts Agency, and had been with them for a couple of months when she received the audition for this part.

Her mum, Michelle Webb, said there was a lot of secrecy and anticipation in the run-up to the episode airing because they could not give away that the character of Susan would be returning for the Christmas episode.

They were relieved in December when promos started airing and the secret was out.

She explained that in order to get Emily to look like the character, her arms were hidden underneath her costume and she then had prosthetic limbs fitted.

Michelle said: "She absolutely loved it, really loved it.

"They are so lovely there.

"I think maybe because it's a show around children, there are always children on set.

"She loved it.

"They were long days for her, obviously in accordance with child labour laws.

"Sometimes she was getting home at midnight and then getting ready to go back on set the next day but she never complained.

"It was hard work for her as well because the way her costume was, she was kind of all strapped up in a straight jacket kind of thing because they fitted prosthetic limbs to her.

"So, it was difficult for her because in costume she didn't have as much freedom as the other kids playing and things like that.

"She was kind of all bound up and there wasn't much they could do because it took them so long to get her looking like the character that she couldn't pull it all off for a run around with the kids."