With gas prices soaring across the UK and the cost of living crisis hitting our savings, many will be looking for cost-effective ways to save energy and money.

There are a number of ways to save on energy such as better insulation and new double-glazed windows but these solutions are not economical in the short term with many unable to find the money needed.

This is why the experts over at Cut Plastic Sheeting, who specialise in cut-to-size plastic sheets, have revealed one easy way people can make their homes more energy efficient without breaking the bank.

Without further ado, here is how you could save over £800 on your gas bills, using this one simple life hack.

How you can reduce your energy bills

Experts reveal one simple DIY trick to save hundreds on your gas bills 

The experts revealed that by adding secondary glazing to your window, you can improve the thermal insulation of the building and reduce the number of drafts and cold spots.

This can also be an affordable solution to renters who are not allowed to make lasting changes to the property.

This solution will cost residents £151.27 to £304.50 throughout an average UK home, depending on how thick their windows are.

With the average gas bill standing at £1,343.58, the expert research suggests that secondary glazing could save households up to £806.14 a year on gas.

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This works out to around £67 a month per average UK household.

One homeowner who used this glazing method said that her bills fell by around 40%.

The plastic sheet retailer claims that this solution can improve heat insulation, noise insulation, and offer savings.

Adding: "It’s a great way to reap similar benefits to double glazing, without the cost; a one-off investment, for a lifetime of benefits."

News Shopper: PA - Experts reveal one simple way to save hundreds in gasPA - Experts reveal one simple way to save hundreds in gas (Image: PA)

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