TikTok has become the home of cleaning hacks, beauty recommendations and new recipes to try. Some ‘hacks’ gain worldwide acclaim, while others fall short.

One cleaning hack that has gone viral on the social media app involves shaving foam.

Typically used to help create smooth stubble-free skin, the product has gone viral on social media with videos showing that it can be used to remove stains on car upholstery.

TikTok creators have jumped onto the trend and are garnering thousands of views with their before-and-after videos, showing the impressive cleaning results of this bathroom cabinet staple.

News Shopper: Viral TikTok hack could damage your car seatsViral TikTok hack could damage your car seats (Image: Canva)

But is this traditional bathroom product actually a reliable alternative to specific car cleaning products? 

The experts at Auto Trader interviewed car cleaning and detailing professional Iwan Lloyd Jones from Lloyd Jones Detailing to share his thoughts on the trend. 

Iwan commented: “I wouldn't use or recommend shaving gel as a quick solution for car upholstery cleaning. Shaving gel is designed specifically designed to shave with and nothing else.”

Repeated use of shaving gel on fabric can cause stains due to the mineral oils contained in the product, and mineral oil stains are some of the toughest to remove.

If you have high-end car upholstery, shaving foam can cause both discolouration and even irreparable damage.

So, whilst this TikTok trend might be useful in a pinch, the experts don’t recommend using it frequently or replacing specialised car cleaning products. Iwan added: “I would always recommend a ready-to-use cleaner, perfect for all interior surfaces, or correctly diluted all-purpose car cleaners.”

While it looks like shaving gel should not become your new car-cleaning staple, there are several other useful household items that can double up as impressive car-cleaning tools. The experts at Auto Trader have shared their favourites.

News Shopper: How to clean your car seats safelyHow to clean your car seats safely (Image: Canva)

 How to clean your car upholstery

1. Baking soda: Baking soda is a great deodoriser. If you have a nasty-smelling area on your seats, sprinkle baking soda generously on the area and leave overnight, before vacuuming it up 24 hours later. 

2. Air freshening spray: Whilst air fresheners in your air vents do minimise interior odours, targeting your car’s air intake system can have a much bigger impact on making your car smell nice. Spray the large air vents at the base of your windshield with an odour eliminator, then turn on the air conditioning for a few minutes. 

3. Silicone bottle brushes: You don’t want to cause scratches with over-vigorous scrubbing so avoid rough scourers and opt for soft silicone cleaning brushes instead. The ones used to clean bottles have useful bristles to get into nooks and crannies, and they will also protect the integrity of the surfaces in your car’s interior. 

4. Paintbrushes: Dip a small paintbrush in soapy water, shake off the excess and brush the areas that need cleaning. Rinse the paintbrush thoroughly and repeat. Like silicone brushes, a paintbrush can access hard-to-reach areas and is gentle on all surfaces.

5. Cotton buds: Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and trace it carefully around small interior car parts such as knobs, gear shifts and buttons to really make them shine.