A video of a man taking a dip into a hole in the ground which is overflowing with water has gone viral on TikTok.

The hole, which could be a burst water main or overflowing drain, appears to be on Cray Road in Erith – although this has not been confirmed.

The video posted by The Bexley Borough Resident, or @bexleyresident49, now has more than 222,000 views on the platform.

Thames Water has been approached for confirmation on what caused the hole with water.

The area surrounding the large hole appears to have been fenced off, but this did not stop the man from taking the plunge.

The video is captioned “tell me you are from Bexley borough without telling me you are from Bexley borough”.

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People in the comments on TikTok have suggested that the man has been inspired by the “Chislehurst lido” photos that came out in August last year.

The “Chislehurst lido” swimmer originally posed for a photo in the water-filled hole in the ground in Old Hill after becoming increasingly frustrated by the "lack of work" being done to repair the burst main or damage to the road.

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