A mum has shared her experience of getting up at 5am, visiting two Aldis and battling queues to get her hands on the elusive Prime drink for her children.

A mum from Lewisham, was one of the many people waiting in the mammoth queues yesterday (December 29) to purchase Prime drinks.

The mother said her two children, aged 13 and 9, wanted to try the drinks promoted by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

She said: “They watch a lot of YouTube and they’ve been asking and asking for these drinks.

“To be honest I still can’t believe I got up at 5am and waited in line just for a drink, but these are the things you do for your children.”

She visited the store with her father and her two children, where they waited in lengthy queues to purchase them.

The mum told News Shopper that she didn’t expect the queues to be as long as they were, but when she arrived at 6am there was already a long line building up.

She said: “The queues were huge, they stretched from the front door of Aldi all the way to where the Next is.

“We first went to Aldi in Kidbrooke, but they hadn’t received their delivery, so they called Charlton who said they only had 89 bottles left.

“My dad raced us down to the Charlton store, when we arrived my daughter jumped out of the car the moment it had stopped to get a place in the queue.”

When the family arrived, they were unsure if their trip would be a success after seeing that a queue of 31 people had already formed outside the Aldi at 6am.


She said: “A man in front of us worked it out and said that by his calculations we would be the last family to get drinks and I think he was right.”

She said Aldi at Charlton made the shopping trip a lot smoother with a well-planned system to keep crowds and tempers under control.

She added: “The Aldi in Charlton was very well organised, they let groups in at a time and they put the drinks behind the till so that people couldn’t just grab them.

“You could only get three per family, one of each flavour that they had. There were loads of people running over to the special buys area thinking that’s where the drinks were but they were actually behind the till.”

However, she said that some younger customers under the age of 16 without a parent or guardian left empty handed.

She added: “They wouldn’t let anyone under the age of 16 without an adult purchase the Prime drinks.

“So, there was a lot of shouting and kids getting upset that they couldn’t buy the drinks they wanted.

“The kids were shouting at the staff, swearing and crying, because they couldn’t get any drinks.”

Her trip was a success, she left with six drinks, three for each of her children which she managed to buy on account of having her father with her that morning.

She said: “They love them, they were so happy, and they want more.

“I’d do it again if there were new flavours, people may think I’m crazy but there are worse things in this life to want to try.”