IN ANOTHER reversal of policy, new London Mayor Boris Johnson has agreed to restore the tidal flow arrangements to the Blackwall Tunnel.

The tidal flow allowed one lane of the southbound tunnel to be used for northbound traffic at peak times, to enable traffic heading into London to flow more easily.

This system had been in place for 30 years until it was axed in April last year.

The decision by Transport for London (TfL) caused anger in Bexley and people blamed it for severe congestion on Bexley's roads as drivers searched for alternative routes to the Blackwall Tunnel to avoid the long tailbacks on the A2.

One TfL chief engineer was asked to come to Bexley to explain the decision and said it was taken because police officers, who controlled the tidal flow, feared prosecution after TfL had declared two-way traffic in the tunnel was inherently dangerous.

Bexley and Bromley London Assembly member James Cleverley said there were still legal and administrative problems to iron out.

He said: "The wheels are very much in motion and making this change is clearly a priority."