EVERYONE has their favourite Christmas song, whether it's Mariah Carey or Wham! 

We all have that one jam that can really get us in the Christmas spirit, no matter how much of a Scrooge we may be. 

But what happens if you get a bit too involved, could you really get fined for singing Christmas songs in the car?

The comparison website, Uswitch have issued a warning to motorists stating that the car might not be the best place to practice your karaoke skills. 

They have warned that drivers who sing and dance behind the wheel could be hit with a whopping fine of up to £5,000 if they get caught. 

Drivers face fine of up to £5,000

Motorists who have a bit too much fun with music whilst on the road could pick up a ‘driving without due care and attention' or even a ‘dangerous driving’ charge.

If you’re singing loudly, dancing in your seat and generally getting into the groove, then you’re at risk of being distracted from the job at hand – which is keeping your eyes on the road.

If there’s evidence, either dashcam footage or testimony from a police officer, that you were dancing and singing prior to an accident, you could ultimately be prosecuted for dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention. 

The penalties can be severe, with a fine of up to £5,000 and nine points on your licence in the most serious of circumstances. 

Loud music can also put you at risk of a fine, so avoid cranking the volume up too high. Although police officers don't have the power to pull a driver over for listening to loud music, they can penalise you if they believe it is causing a distraction. This could include the volume of the music drowning out audible safety warnings, like other motorists honking their horns, or the sirens from emergency services vehicles.