A Freedom of Information Request has revealed all the CCTV cameras across south east London and Dartford in 2019 compared with 2022.

Across the UK, there are now 108,533 public cameras with an increase of 14 per cent since 2019 (12,960 new devices).

These figures do not include privately owned equipment, such as cameras operated by businesses or members of the public, so it is expected the overall total will be greater.

IronmongeryDirect, the UK’s largest supplier of specialist ironmongery, issued Freedom of Information requests to local councils and found that almost seven in ten (69 per cent) have increased their CCTV presence since 2019.

Here are the number of CCTV cameras in south east London and north Kent: • Dartford: In 2019 there were 70 public CCTV cameras, and in 2022 there are now 90, which is an increase of 29 per cent. This is the area with the least amount of public CCTV footage, but has seen the most increase in equipment over the last few years.

• Bromley: In 2019 there were 201 which has gone down to 196 in 2022 – an decrease of two per cent. It is the only borough in south east London which has decreased its coverage.

• Lewisham: In 2019 there were 158 public CCTV cameras and in 2022 there are now 165 which is an increase of four per cent.

• Bexley: In 2019 there were 225 public CCTV cameras, which is the same as in 2022.

• Greenwich: Greenwich has the most public CCTV cameras with 870 cameras in 2019 and 945 in 2022 an increase of nine per cent.

CMC Operations Manager at Corps Monitoring said: “As technology continues to advance, so too will the application of CCTV monitoring systems.

“Over the next few years, CCTV technology will improve our personal safety, the safety of our homes, businesses, assets, and far more. Currently, CCTV is mainly used for heatmaps and people counting but, in the future, CCTV-based facial recognition will be a significant part of our world, carrying major implications for personal device security and shopping.

“And as this technology increases, it drives down the cost of surveillance protection, making it more affordable and accessible than ever before.”

Dominick Sandford, Managing Director at IronmongeryDirect, said: “CCTV is an integral part of modern-day society, and cameras have grown more commonplace in recent years as technology and connectivity have improved.

“The increases revealed in our research might raise privacy concerns, but generally CCTV benefits the safety and security of both the public and businesses, and the upwards trend is unlikely to stop anytime soon.”