If you want an evening filled with singing, dancing, good food and good vibes – Mamma Mia The Party at The O2 is the one for you.

I’ve always been a Mamma Mia fan, I’ve always been a sucker for the music, I’ve always loved the movies – but I’d never actually seen anything live.

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Last week, my friend and I headed to The O2 Arena in Greenwich, or flew to Skopelos, for Mamma Mia The Party.

From the second we walked in we felt like we were in a Greek Taverna, and it looked absolutely incredible in the room.

The attention to detail, the set for the show, the tables… everything.

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It was authentic, felt like Greece, and made us really quite excited for what was to come.

We sat down, deliberated whether to order wine or Sangria, and were served our starters pretty quickly as the room started to fill with the rest of the audience who were coming on this exciting trip with us.

Our waitress introduced herself and let us know she’d be looking after us for the evening before we were given our feta cheese salad.

News Shopper: Mamma Mia The PartyMamma Mia The Party (Image: Newsquest)

It felt like we were in an actual restaurant, which I guess we were to an extent, and the service was with a smile.

The room was full, starters eaten, and the show began.

It started with a performance from some very talented actors and actresses, including the fabulous Jamie Birkett, Lorraine Chappell, Allie Ho Chee, Luke Friend, Scarlet Gabriel and Ellis Dackombe.

News Shopper: Mamma Mia The Party (photo: Grant Walker)Mamma Mia The Party (photo: Grant Walker) (Image: Grant Walker)

This is just to name a few and every single member of the cast, music production and crew were top notch in making the show as incredible as it was.

But not only this, all the waiters and waitresses got involved with the singing and dancing, and it felt so immersive, it felt like we were part of the show, and it felt great.

It was when the songs started playing that the party really got started – and it wasn’t long until the whole audience were stood up singing, dancing, and waving their napkins in the air.

They performed all the classics and there wasn’t one person in the room who wasn’t having the time of their life.

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There was a break for main course – which was some meat, potatoes and veg, and drinks were flowing.

The mood in the room felt ecstatic, even when the production wasn’t going.

After main course, a mix of acting and incredibly talented dancing and singing continued.

There was another short break for dessert, and the end of the show really showed me why the whole experience was called a party.

Even when the show had finished, the whole audience got onto the stage and were singing, dancing, and really having the time of their lives.

It was beyond feel good, entertaining to the extreme, and I came out smiling. Book your tickets here.