Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park has been slammed for its ‘ridiculous’ pricing as visitors claim the event is ‘overpriced’.

The event has become a Christmas tradition for many as they visit the extravagant fun fair meets market every year to get into the festive spirit.

But this year, many visitors have shared their disappointment after discovering how much a day at the Wonderland will cost a family.

Guests shared their shock over the ‘ridiculous cost’ of the attraction and questioned if it was worth the price.

The pricing at Winter Wonderland has previously been known to be fairly expensive, but with a pint costing upwards of £6 and a portion of fish and chips costing £14 per person, many think this year's prices are too much.

Guests at the attraction took to social media to share their experiences and opinions of Winter Wonderland. 

Visitors shocked by prices at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

One Christmas fan questioned if it was worth it after they spent over £200 at the attraction.

In a video, they shared that one hot chocolate costs £7, a hot dog £8, the ice bar costs £16 each, the Ferris wheel £10 each (and another £10 for fast track), £15.50 for ice skating and £2 charge for cloakroom use, Churros £9 and they also spent £15 on a hat.

Viewers of the video were quick to take the comments as they shared their own opinions on the cost of Winter Wonderland.

One user wrote: “Mental prices!” and another wrote “Bloody ridiculous I’d begrudge paying any of that.”

@corporatemum21 Accidentally deleted the original. Was Winter Wonderland worth it? Absolutely. #winterwonderland2022 #christmas ♬ original sound - Christmas Countdown🤶

Others compared the costs to that of weekend break away, with one posting: “You could do a three-day break away abroad” and another shared: “Could have gone to Disneyland Paris for that”.

But not everyone is concerned over the pricing, as one user who had previously visited the attraction said: “I spent around 150ish in a few hours, my partner probably spent the same, but it was so worth it, has an amazing time.”

Pricing concerns come as many families struggle as they are facing their first Christmas since the start of the cost-of-living crisis.

Recent reports claim that UK households are likely to spend an average £905 more on Christmas due to increased costs.

This may see many opt for a more budget-friendly Christmas activity that the whole family can enjoy without worrying about the final cost.