Ford Fiestas and Range Rovers were named among the most stolen cars in the UK for 2022 according to data from the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

The data was analysed by car leasing company Rivervale Leasing found up to November 22 this year 58,082 stolen vehicles have been reported by the police to the DVLA.

That works out to an average of 159 vehicles being stolen per day and 1,117 per week.

This is a fair amount higher than the number of vehicles stolen in 2021, which was 48,492.

DVLA data revealed that the soon-to-be-discontinued Ford Fiesta had been stolen the most in the UK in 2022, at 5,724 times.

News Shopper: Ford Fiestas were the most stolen car in the UK for 2022Ford Fiestas were the most stolen car in the UK for 2022 (Image: Canva)

The Land Rover Range Rover was second with 5,209 stolen, whilst another Ford make in the Ford Focus came third with 2,048 stolen.

Top 10 stolen cars in the UK for 2022

1. Ford Fiesta - 5,724 stolen

2. Land Rover Range Rover - 5,209 stolen

3. Ford Focus - 2,048 stolen

4. Volkswagen Golf - 1,959 stolen

5. Land Rover Discovery - 1,778 stolen

6. Vauxhall Corsa - 1,268 stolen

7. Vauxhall Astra - 1,215 stolen

8. Mercedes-Benz C Class - 981 stolen

9. Audi A3 - 805 stolen

10. Ford Ecosport - 656 stolen

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Vince Pemberton, CEO and automotive expert at Rivervale said: “Keyless car theft known as relay theft is becoming increasingly more common. This is where people take advantage of keyless entry, using a device to capture the signal sent to the car.

“It’s hard to prevent but you can help reduce your chances of being a victim by storing your keys in a pouch or box designed to block the signal. A steering lock and additional car alarm can also help to stop thieves from accessing and stealing your car.

“Finally, keep an eye out for people lurking around, especially when leaving your vehicle. If you think someone is a threat, notify the police.”