10 simple TikTok car interior trends that could see drivers fined up to £1000 and have points taken off their license have been revealed.

Motorists were warned over these popular trends that have garnered millions of views on the short-form video app by a major car dealership group.

Group 1 Automotive analysed some of the social media platform's most popular hashtags to gain insights into the trending car decorating styles.

However, they noted that several of these top trends could be in violation of the Highway Code and Road Traffic Act.

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What do the Highway Code and Road Traffic Act say?

News Shopper: PA - What does the Highway Code say?PA - What does the Highway Code say? (Image: PA)

The Highway Code and Road Traffic Act state that if a driver's view of the road is obstructed in any way, they could be breaking the law.

Recently, it was reported that air fresheners or 'fluffy dice' on a motorist's real view window could land them £1000 fines and 3 points off their license.

This goes for any decorations or modification that negatively affects views of the road for car users.

If a driver's road safety is affected by these, they could also be penalised for dangerous driving.

Popular TikTok car decoration trends that could land drivers £1000 fines 

Here are the trending TikTok car decoration hashtags that could land drivers penalties ranging from fines to points on their licenses:

  1. #barbiecar - 94 million views
  2. #pinkcarinterior - 63 million views
  3. #starlightroof - 6.6 million views
  4. #carbling - 5.1 million views
  5. #kawaiicar - 4.3 million views
  6. #girlycardecor - 3.4 million views
  7. #girlycar - 3.4 million views
  8. #pinkcardecor - 2.2 million views
  9. #blueinterior - 2.2 million views
  10. #customdash - 1.5 million views

About the TikTok car interior trends

The rise of 'Barbie core' ahead of the upcoming premiere of the Barbie film starring Margot Robbie has taken TikTok by storm with 94 million views for the hashtag #barbiecar.

#barbiecar and other similar hashtags promote the use of bright pinks, plushies, and fluffy main mirror features with many of these obstructing views of the road and distracting the person operating the vehicle.

Other trends like #starlightroof and #carbling also see drivers add new luxury and eye-catching features that could see them penalised for obstructed views and dangerous driving.

This data comes from research undertaken by Group 1 Automotive, to find out more, please visit the Group 1 Automotive website.