Courts are all about honesty, and guilt, right?!

Well, if so, then it’s time I was honest and admitted what I’m guilty of too.

When I walked into London’s County Hall to watch Agatha Christie’s Witness To The Prosecution, I had no idea what to expect.

I’ve been to the theatre multiple times, and I love it more and more every time I go, but I’d never before been to a theatre in a court room.

News Shopper: London County HallLondon County Hall (Image: Newsquest)

I’m also guilty of never having read or seen any of Agatha Christie’s plays before, and so I really was going in blind.

My friend and I took our seats in the gallery, watched fascinatingly as the members of the ‘jury’ were given their ‘oath’ to swear by, and I sat and wondered whether I’d picked the right or wrong way to spend my Saturday afternoon.

Well, let me tell you, around two and a half hours later, it became clear that it most definitely was the right way.

Witness To The Prosecution at London County Hall was absolutely phenomenal – a guilty pleasure if you’ll forgive me for saying it.

The cast were gripping, eloquent, beyond talented and passionate. With Harry Reid as Leanord and Naomi Sheldon as Romaine, what was there not to love?!

News Shopper: Harry Reid and Naomi Sheldon (photo: Sam Barker)Harry Reid and Naomi Sheldon (photo: Sam Barker) (Image: Sam Barker)

I felt like I was carrying Leanord’s emotions with mine as Harry played him meticulously, and truthfully, I couldn’t take my eyes of Naomi as she unsettled the audience with a taste of the seductive, yet villain-esque Romaine Vole.

The atmosphere was perfect, the lighting was spot on, you could have heard a pin drop in the audience throughout, and I came away wanting more.

With dates and showings now available until October 2023, if you can do anything in the next year, go and see Witness to the Prosecution in London.

Book it like you’ve been sentenced to do so… You won’t regret it.

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