New statistics from Zoopla have revealed the average price for a house in each south east London borough.

The data shows not only the average house price, but also the annual increase of the cost of housing in the area.

The data shows that in Greenwich, the average house costs £419,100 with an annual increase of £16,914 which is 4.2 per cent.

However, in Bexley, the average house price is slightly lower at £402,600 and the annual increase for house prices here is 6.7 per cent or £25,350.

In Bromley, statistics show housing to be more expensive with the average house cost being £523,200 with an annual increase of £27,997 or 5.7 per cent.

Lewisham houses cost, on average, £448, 200 with an annual increase of 4.1 per cent or £17,625.

Dartford is the most affordable area for housing according to Zoopla, with the average house price being £358,700 with an annual increase of 6.6 per cent or £22,037.

The average house price in Croydon is £409,700 and the annual price increase being 3.4 per cent or £13,525.

In Newham houses cost, on average, £402,900 with an annual increase of 4.6 per cent or £17,588.

Slightly further north, the average house price in Lambeth and Southwark is more expensive.

The average house in Lambeth costs £551,800 with an annual increase of 3.1 per cent or £16,626.

In Southwark, the average house price is £518,300 with a 3 per cent annual increase or £15,256.

A spokesperson for Zoopla said: “It's no surprise that parts of London have the most expensive house prices in the UK. Kensington and Chelsea tops the table, while six other parts of the capital also make the list.

“These areas have had low percentage growth in the last year but their high house prices mean that even a 1% or 2% rise in value is a big jump in pounds and pence.

“They're joined by Elmbridge, South Buckinghamshire and Chiltern, which are all in the south east.

“These areas also recorded higher price growth than areas in the capital as the movement to less urban areas continues.”