A South London pub has been allowed to reopen with a new name after a man was allegedly stabbed outside the venue, forcing it to shut down.

The Star and Garter in Woolwich, Greenwich, closed in August 2021 when a man was allegedly stabbed outside the venue.

After the incident, the Woolwich pub had its licence taken away as police claimed staff didn’t call them and hadn’t taken steps to prevent the incident happening.

The pub on Old Woolwich Road will reopen as the Star of Greenwich later this year as the council revealed it approved a new licence on Friday (November 4).

The application for the new pub was put forward by Lisa Donohoe, who Met Police claimed was working at the Star and Garter on the night of the stabbing outside the venue.

Ms Donohoe told a Greenwich Council licencing meeting on October 27 that she didn’t work at the previous pub, but was simply filling in for a friend on the night of the incident.

PC Andy Renno told the meeting that it took ten days for police to catch the suspect involved in the stabbing because the old venue lacked CCTV.

Police documents also said that nobody at the pub saw the incident occur.

Ms Donohoe told the council that she was training to be a paramedic at the time, and that she brought the victim into the toilet to care for him.

PC Renno said that police were only called to the scene by paramedics after an ambulance had arrived.

PC Renno said: “I’ve been around enough premises now to see the ones that are managed well and the ones that aren’t.”

The police report says that Ms Donohoe told police that the stabbing happened outside.

However, Ms Donohoe said that she was never asked for a statement after the incident.

She addressed concerns about anti-social behaviour at the meeting, saying CCTV and a noise limiter would be installed at the new pub.

She said: “I’m not going to do anything to risk my career now and risk my licence.

"As we said, the pub previously, as the Star and Garter, probably wasn’t run in the best way, but that all needs to change now.

"As I said, there will be a zero tolerance policy [on anti-social behaviour].”

Responding to the solutions proposed by the applicants, PC Renno said: “I have not been convinced that there will be any difference from the pub opening this time to how it was run before.

"CCTV being fitted in is only as good as the operators who manage the pub.

"I will also say that the staff who work there are only as good as the leadership of the people who run the pub.”

James Gadsby Peet, who was applying to open the Star of Greenwich alongside Ms Donohoe, said that they completely agreed with the issues around the previous pub.

He said: “This is a completely new phase of what was the Star and Garter.

"This is a completely new organisation, this is a completely new licencee, with a completely new leadership, who are deeply committed to the safety of the local community.

"It’s a completely new model for how we’re looking to run this venue.”

Greenwich Council approved the application for the Star of Greenwich to open on the conditions that no customers can be outside after 10pm and Ms Donohoe cannot work as a supervisor in the pub.

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