A video of huge Christmas decorations flying down a London street has gone viral after the scene was described as "something from a film". 

The festive incident took place on Tottenham Court Road in the early hours of Tuesday morning as two huge mirrored baubles bounced down the street.

The decorations flew as Storm Claudio hit the capital, seeing one bauble hit a lampost before flying up into the air by high winds and taking off down the street. 

The first was quickly followed by another bauble that was still lit inside and followed it down the street as winds roared. 

Watch as giant baubles fly down London street

@theshadeborough Looks like these #Christmas decorations couldn’t withstand the heavy winds in central London last night! Two giant baubles were spotted flying through Tottenham Court Road. 😳🎄 [🎥 CC: @teeblund ♬ original sound - The Shade Borough

In the clip, pedestrians were seen stopping to watch as the decorations flew by, whilst motorists were quick to break to avoid being hit by the bauble.

The moment soon went viral on TikTok as some compared the scene to a film, with one user writing: "Walking down that street would have been like that scene out of Indiana Jones!!"

And another wrote: "It’s basically that pinball track on Mario kart."

Whilst one user joked that its a sign Christmas is official here: "David Attenborough: “Here we see the Gigantus Christmasballicus, on its annual migration, to Mariah Carey’s house."

The baubles are said to have been taken under control quickly after the footage was captured, with no one reported to be injured. 

The incident happened just one day before Oxford Street turns on its famous Christmas lights as thousands are expected to attend.