Halloween is such a fun time of year with treats and spooks galore – especially for the young ones.

However, it is almost a forgotten rule of Halloween that as part of trick or treating, there is still the chance that you might be tricked.

We asked south east Londoners what the worst thing they ever got while trick or treating was and found the responses absolutely hilarious.

While some older south east Londoners say that they have not been trick or treating as it is a fairly new tradition that has originated from America, many said they still look back fondly on Bonfire Night’s “Penny for the Guy”.

This is where children would take their scarecrow-like effigy of Guy Fawkes from door to door asking for a small amount of money to spend on sparklers, sweets or other treats.

For those that did experience trick or treating as a child or with their current children, some have shared some really weird stories of the ghastly bits and bobs that their neighbours gave them instead of sweets.

Here are the best responses that would tickle even a skeletons funny bone.

1. “My daughter was given an out of date Justin Bieber calendar.”

2. “A carrot.

“Back then people didn’t buy sweets so we were given money or ignored but I will remember the carrot forever and bless the old man who gave what he had.”

3. “The words “oh f**k off” and a door slammed in my face - Lol.”

4. “Armed with Dad's overcoat, a pillow case and mum's wig stand, me and the siblings went trick or treating when mum and dad were at the pub.

“I remember coming back with some coloured light bulbs which we used in our bedrooms till they broke.

“We didn't go trick or treating again but the overcoat and wig stand got such a reaction we went out a few more times just for the thrill of scaring people and ourselves.”

5. “A reel of green cotton.”

6. “Clip round the ear for knocking on a old grumpy man's door.”

7. “A slice of ham.”

8. “An onion.”

9. “A humongous tin of out of date beans.”

10. “Brussel sprout covered in chocolate and wrapped in foil.

“It looked like a chocolate sweet.”

11. “Remember when that man in Canon Road gave us 10p to share between three of us?”

12. “I got an apple once.

“It wasn’t that bad as I like apples.”

13. “A jam rag that they told me to give it to Dracula if I found him.”

14. “A tube of Gaviscon”

15. “My kids back?”

Let us know if the comments if you received something weirder than the things on this list while trick or treating.

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