Love Island star Tasha Ghouri has been gushing over a tattoo her boyfriend Andrew Le Page has got that signifies a special link to her.

Tasha became the first deaf contestant on the ITV reality show and Andrew got a sign language tattoo which reads “I love you”.

The tattoo also features her cochlear implant, which she uses to allow her to hear after she was born deaf.

Sharing Andrew's tattoo on Twitter she posted: "So Andrew came home and surprised me with his new tattoo, I actually can’t even!!!!!!! How beautiful it’s “ily” in BSL with my cochlear implant wrapped around."

She added a follow-up saying: "Also just to clarify * the ily is ASL but it is also used in BSL as it became more used - there is another way to sign ily in BSL which is what me and my dad did to each other when he came into the villa. But both can be used in bsl as I know both."

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Tasha and Andrew came in fourth place during the 2022 series of Love Island and recently moved in together after leaving the Majorcan villa.

Earlier in the month they also teased about wedding plans after announcing they were going “ring shopping”.