The spookiest time of year is nearly here, as the ghosts and ghouls prepare to scare in time for Halloween.

Many people will be looking to mark the occasion in their own way.

From trick or treating, and partying to 'Monster Mash' and even watching some of the most terrifying films ever made, there's plenty to do.

But if you'd rather do a special one-of-a-kind experience for Halloween, then look no further as we've rounded them all up. 

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Halloween activities in London

A Ghost Walking Tour at the Royal Maritime Greenwich

Uncover the spookier side of old London with this spine-chilling ghost walk of Greenwich's royal maritime history.

The two-hour tour is led by a knowledgeable guide as you learn all about the ghoulish facts about the famous World Heritage Site.

You can find out more information via the website here.

Zombie Battle Training Experience

Get ready for the Zombie apocalypse as this experience lets you train in a secret military mission.

The training takes place at a secret underground base in a themed Cold War Bunker, where on arrival the commander will bring you up to speed with the current situation.

But things quickly take a turn as you fight for survival and battle the zombies after they've escaped. 

You can find out more information via the website. 

Visit Queen's House in Greenwich

The historic building holds thousands of stories from all those that have walked the halls. 

Although it seems some have not left as the grand building is set to be haunted by some spooky and some friendly ghosts. 

One of the resident ghosts is said to be at the elegant Tulip Stairs, so you can head down and grab a snap with the ghostly figures. 

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The Ghost Bus Tours

Hop aboard the scariest bus in London as you uncover London's haunted history on the Ghost Bus. 

Run by the London Necrobus Company the bus is set on the elegantly refurbished 1960s Routemaster bus that lets you enjoy a hilarious and horrifying tour. 

You can find out more information via the website. 

Clink Prison Museum

Learn all about the world's most notorious medieval prison at the Clink Prison Museum. 

The museum lets you try your hand at torture devices and explore a day in the life of a medieval prisoner. 

You can find out more information via the website.