With Halloween approaching, many of us have already started prepping our decorations, but did you know that pumpkin decorations could land you a £5,000 fine.

Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween decorations across the country, with Jack O Lanterns in windows, doorways and gardens wherever you look.

However, a wayward pumpkin could see you hit with a £5,000 fine.

How pumpkin decorations could land you a £5,000 fine

The law in the UK is governed by the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957 (Lawful Visitors) and Occupier’s Liability Act 1984 (Persons other than Visitors).

Barratt Homes have offered its top tips to avoid being hit with a penalty as a result of your spooky decorations.

It said: “You do not have a duty to prevent all accidents, but you are obliged to deliver reasonable care for the safety of visitors to your property.

“Ensuring everything is safe covers your home insurance and any unwanted liabilities.

“However, you may find yourself liable if any accidents are caused by the dangerous condition of your property or the decorations you install – facing fines up to £5,000 or even in worse case scenarios, imprisonment.”

How to avoid a fine this Halloween

These are the tips to ensure a stress-free spooky season:

  • Lanterns, candles, and lights can obviously all be fire hazards. Make sure you place these out of the direct path to your door and directly around your entrance. Remember that many kids will be wearing masks during Halloween so might have impaired vision.
  • Lights and candles lit indoors should be kept clear of curtains, decorations, and other flammable objects. If you can, use LED lights instead of candles.
  • If you are using a lot of electrical lights for your outdoor Halloween display, make sure you check the lights and cords for frayed or bare wires. Do not overload your extension leads and ensure there are no wires that could become a trip hazard to little monsters coming up your path.
  • Keep your pets in a safe area. The last thing you want is your cat to escape out the door or your excited dog to knock down a child. Make sure you keep your pets secure in your house or garden during Halloween night.