As we approach the Halloween half-term, we’ve rounded up some spectacular ghost hunting tours happening across south east London.

Make sure you dust off your proton packs and put on your flight suits if you’re willing to brave a ghost tour this Halloween.

From experiencing your first ever Ouija Board to sitting inside Charles’ Dickens favourite haunted pub, these events are not for the weak-minded.

Who knows, you may even come face-to-face with the paranormal activity of the spirits that lurk in these historical buildings.

Charlton House overnight stay

For the ultimate ghost hunt experience, Charlton House offer an overnight stay, if you dare.

The Jacobean mansion is a hot spot for adrenaline seekers – some have even said to have seen a ghostly ‘grey lady’ who haunts the house through the day and night as well as reporting doorknobs rattling and feelings of oppressiveness whilst in the attic and cellars.

Charlton House provides all the ghost-busting equipment during your quest, including EMF Meters and K2 Meters, and promises to fulfil experiments such as glass divination, table tipping and Ouija Boards.

Chislehurst Caves tour

The caves at Chislehurst are a maze of man-made tunnels, covering over six hectares and up to 30 metres below the homes and woodlands above.

All explorers who visit the caves must join a lamp-lit guided tour, and it may not be suitable for those who are nervous, scared of the dark, those with claustrophobia or a fear of mannequins.

Not only may you catch some spirits, but guests will also have the opportunity to learn about the rich history of the caves.

Throughout this Halloween half term, tickets are priced at just £7 for adults and £5 for children.

Medway Queen Ghost Hunt

Running from 8pm until 2am on Saturday, October 29, guests can experience a night of ghost hunting on the Medway Queen in Gillingham.

Organisers say, “if you are expecting ghost stories, history walks or something to scare you, these are not the right events for you”.

Instead, this unique event will be to provide “evidence of life after death” with it being 100 per cent investigation and vigil events.

Tickets are priced at £50 per person.

Royal Maritime Greenwich

Ghost walking tour See what lies beyond the historic Greenwich site and hear of drunken sailors, ghostly lovers who can’t seem to leave and the infamous Cutty Sark Curse.

Lasting 1.5 hours long, this tour will be a mixture of indoor and outdoor activity as you uncover the paranormal history of Greenwich.

Virgin Experience Days are currently offering a Ghost Walking Tour for Two – which includes exploring the world heritage site, hearing spooky talks, sitting in Charles Dickens’ favourite haunted pub and an experience gift pack – all for £32 per couple.

Ghost tours at Eltham Palace

Do you dare to explore Eltham Palace, one of London’s best kept secrets, in the dark this Halloween?

Storytellers will guide thrill-seekers on a “bone-chilling” journey, with frightening tales of ghosts and paranormal sightings.

The highly anticipated tour starts from £14.

Don’t forget to pack a torch.


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