A rapper and singer from Welling who starred on The Voice on ITV last Saturday said that she has “had so much support and is so grateful for it.”

Hatice Tuzun was scouted to be on the reality competition show around one year ago and made it to the show's “callback” stage.

During her blind audition, the 25-year-old stunned the celebrity judges, causing both Sir Tom Jones and Will.i.am to turn their chairs as they wanted to recruit her to their teams.

Hatice originally wanted Anne-Marie to be her coach, but her team was already full so she was unable to turn her chair to pick her.

However, Anne-Marie told Hatice: “I would have turned because I feel like your singing voice is as good as your rapping and that is very rare.”

Olly Murs also had a full team – but he too implied that he would have chosen her for his team if he was able to.

Hatice sang Flowers by UK garage duo Sweet Female Attitude along with a rap verse that she wrote herself.

She told the News Shopper: “Oh, I just loved it.

“Flowers is like my favourite song.

“And Tom Jones – well I just want him to be my granddad.

“He's just so lovely and the stuff that he said was just so nice.

“I never in a million years thought that Tom Jones was going to turn for me.

“He is a God in the music industry and he is very particular with who he likes and who he doesn't like but he even said ‘I really like that kid - she's cool’.

“I was really devastated Anne-Marie had no turns left.

“Obviously I wanted to go with her from the beginning but what she said was lovely and I’ll take that with me.

“The crowd was amazing and the support that I've got from the judges I'll cherish forever.”

Hatice’s girlfriend, Hayley, supported her on stage during her performance and she said that seeing her encouraging her at the side “was what fuelled her to do it."

News Shopper: Hatice and HayleyHatice and Hayley (Image: Hatice)

Sir Tom Jones went on to compliment Hatice’s unique green suit, to which she simply replied: “Thank you so much, I look like a lime with legs.”

After the performance, Will.i.am told Hatice: “I was wondering if anyone was going to come out this late that was really freaking dope, and then you didn’t break my heart because you were awesome.”

Hatice went on to choose Will.i.am as her mentor as she felt he suited her musical style but she did thank Tom Jones and said it was an “honour for you to turn for me".

She added: “Being on that stage was just amazing. I just felt like I was at home and everyone was just so helpful.

“This has been mad.

“I have had so much support and I’m so grateful for it.”

While Hatice smashed the blind audition, she was not picked to go on to the semi-finals following the new “callbacks” section of the show.

Hatice said she was not a fan of the new approach, which has replaced the usual “battle rounds” where the coaches pit two of their own team members against each other and they sing the same song together.

Previously, rival coaches got one chance to "steal" a contestant who was not chosen and each coach also had an opportunity to "save" one of their own team members that they had eliminated – however, these opportunities were not available in this new callbacks format.

During the callbacks, each coach along with their guest mentors whittled down their assembled teams to just four ahead of the semi-final.

Hatice explained that she was a little disappointed that they did not showcase her self-written rap during her second performance where she sang Decline by Raye.

She has since uploaded the full song to her social media and is going to continue supporting the friends she has made during her time on The Voice.

Hatice said: “I’m still in contact with everyone that's on the show as well.

“I’m rooting for team Will.

“Rain Castillo, the girl that beat me and the other rappers - she is just amazing.

“I don't know who wins. I really don't have a clue.”

Since the episode aired last Saturday, Hatice says she has already had a lot of opportunities and support sent her way – but also has not opened every message as she has been blown away by the scale of the response.

She explained: “I’ve had Welling youth centre reach out to me and they want me to help with encouraging younger people to do music, which is great.

“I've been offered some gigs, to perform clubs and stuff, which is amazing because this is exactly what I wanted.

“I don't think people realise how much their positive words motivate me.

“I'm still on the journey.

“Next for me will be obviously something else, but I'm not going to stop - this is just fuelling me to do better.

“I’m just gonna keep going and see what doors open for me.”

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