Bromley has been rated the spookiest borough in south east London, new data shows.

As Londoners decorate their homes with terrifying decorations and venture out to get a pumpkin spice latte, that can only mean one thing – its officially spooky season.

To honour Halloween, Barratt London has investigated London’s spookiest boroughs by measuring ghost sightings, cemeteries, spooky tours, supernatural beings as well as Halloween events.

Bromley, which ranked number four overall, is the officially the spookiest borough in south east London, with five cemeteries and 23 apparent ghost sightings.

Greenwich sits at number ten on the list, with four cemeteries, three famous ghosts, vampires, and witches, seven ghost sightings, two spooky tours and one Halloween event.

News Shopper: Infographic by Barratt LondonInfographic by Barratt London (Image: Infographic by Barratt London)

Westminster is officially the spookiest borough in London scoring 78 out of 100 - this borough has 45 ghost sightings, 16 supernatural beings, 15 spooky tours and 14 Halloween events.

Biggin Hill Airfield in Bromley is notoriously known for its fair share of ghostly sightings – from spectral airmen to supernatural planes.

Those who have braved the Chislehurst caves have said to have seen supernatural activity – have said activity includes “locks being thrown around; cables being torn from the sockets and chalk being thrown at visitors”.

Other ghostly sightings have apparently been spotted in haunted houses, pubs, cultural attractions and even on the streets of Bromley.

Whether you believe in the paranormal world, there is something eerily fascinating about Bromley being quite literally the spookiest borough in south east London.

See the full study here

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