We heard the screams and shrieks at Thorpe Park Fright Night were not to be missed this year, so we decided to take a trip to the award-winning theme park.

On Sunday, my colleague Amy and I headed to Thorpe Park in Chertsey to test out Fright Night: Thorpe Park’s Halloween celebrations.

As this year was the 21st birthday of Fright Night, we knew we were in for a treat (or trick) and prepped ourselves to brave the scare attractions, as well as ride some of the UK’s most thrilling rides in the dark.

News Shopper: Poppy and Amy queuing for SAW the ride Poppy and Amy queuing for SAW the ride (Image: TP)

I was more so excited than scared – because being the adrenaline junkie I am, I love to get my heart-racing and watch others terrified for their lives.

But oh, how the tables turned.

We began our day by boosting our endorphins on the Nemesis Inferno ride and then made our way around the park riding Thorpe Park favourites - The Swarm, Stealth, Detonator, and many more.

News Shopper: StealthStealth (Image: TP)

The last ride we challenged ourselves to before the spooky fun began was Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, which was unexpectedly petrifying for me – and without giving any spoilers, I had a jump scare so harsh I nearly fainted – and I’m not being dramatic.

If you’re someone who is afraid of chainsaws, or scarecrows, or vampires, or werewolves, or literally anything horror related, I’d probably leave the park by 3pm, as this is when the characters come out to play.

News Shopper: Scarecrow scare actorScarecrow scare actor (Image: TP)

We began our maze experience at the Creek Freak Massacre – the terrifying chaos of Hillbilly’s with very loud chainsaws and large axes – it was great fun combined with a lot of noise.

Without giving anything away, there were jump scares around every corner - Amy and I were even followed out of the maze by one of the tumultuous hillbilly’s.

News Shopper: Hillbilly scare actorHillbilly scare actor (Image: TP)

Next, we headed to Trailers – a maze themed in a cinema complex – which I must admit, was my favourite maze of them all.

Rather than relax with a box of popcorn whilst watching an Oscar-winning film, you’ll be confronted with masked demons, serial killers, clowns, and plenty of terrifying characters that chase you around the maze – not so relaxing.

As I was walking through the maze, I noticed a China doll which lingered in the distance.

I soon realised that the doll was in fact a person walking towards me.

I must admit, this terrified me as it felt like a real-life Conjuring moment.

After leaving Trailers, Amy and I took a breather and enjoyed our dinner whilst watching the high energy, glee inspired scare show: Graduation Sucks.

News Shopper: Graduation Sucks! showGraduation Sucks! show (Image: TP)

The ride wait times were pleasantly low, especially for the Fright Night event – thrill-seekers were hopping on and off of the rides towards the evening, without queuing for more than 10 minutes.

News Shopper: Swarm the ride Swarm the ride (Image: TP)

Other scare attractions worth seeing are Death’s Doors and The Crows of Mawkin Meadow – both of these experiences are included with the park ticket and equally as scary as one another.

As the day turned to dusk, we headed to ride SAW, the UK’s first ever horror themed ride, and the most thrilling ride of them all, at least in my opinion.

News Shopper: SAW the rideSAW the ride (Image: TP)

Our very last maze, and probably the most terrifying one, was Survival Games.

I must admit, I would probably have been more terrified if the maze didn’t have technical difficulties before we headed in, but as soon as the colleague stood at the entrance said “the live actors WILL grab you and WILL split you up from your group” my heart skipped a beat.

Before I knew it, Amy and I were separated and trapped in a cage, alone.

News Shopper: Survival Games advertSurvival Games advert (Image: tp)

As I have never experienced a maze in which the actors touch you, I was truly terrified, but I survived and powered through by braving the maze solo.

It was excellent to be able to experience the rides at night and take part in the mazes, although it did feel a little empty at times and I couldn’t help but think that there could have been more scare actors scattered around the park.

However, the atmosphere was eerily brilliant, and customers seemed to be having a great time, regardless.

News Shopper: Scarecrow live actors Scarecrow live actors (Image: TP)

If you’re wanting to get into the spirit of Halloween, then Thorpe Park’s Fright Night is a must.

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